UEFA Euro 2024: Qualification Results & Play-Off Draw

The UEFA Euro 2024 marks the 17th season of the re

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UEFA Euro 2024: Qualification Results & Play-Off Draw

The UEFA Euro 2024 marks the 17th season of the renowned football competition which honors determined, ambitious contenders from all over the continent. The stakes are high since 24 persevering teams are going to fight their way to glory and looking forward to lighting up the European Championship. As long as the qualifying group phase has come to an end and determined 21 clubs advancing to the final tournament, 12 teams will compete for the remaining 3 spots in the play-offs. Keep an eye on the decisive qualification stage matches with GGBet and take advantage of the best odds for making your game predictions. But first, let’s consider which clubs have already made it to the UEFA European Championship and which ones still possess a chance to get there.

Teams Qualifying for Participation in Euro 2024

53 out of 55 UEFA association members took part in the qualifying group phase – Germany qualified for the final tournament directly as the host team, and Russia was suspended from the UEFA and FIFA competitions because of their invasion of Ukraine. All the participants were split into 10 groups (from A to J), while the first 7 of them (A-G) contained 5 teams, and the remaining 3 groups (H, I, and J) – 6 teams. The qualifying group phase was held this year in 10 matchdays from March 23-25 to November 19-21, and the winners and runners-up of each group got their sites in UEFA Euro 2024. The four pots for the final tournament have already been confirmed:

Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 4
BelgiumRomaniaCzech RepublicSwitzerland
PortugalDenmarkCroatiaPlay-off A path winner
EnglandAlbaniaSlovakiaPlay-off B path winner
FranceTurkeyNetherlandsPlay-off C path winner

Which Teams Failed to Get to Euro 2024

The results of this year's Euro 2024 qualification were not too surprising. The strongest European teams have already got their spots in the final line-up and are looking forward to starting the fight for the Henri Delaunay Cup. However, several surprises did happen, and Poland and Ukraine, which hosted the tournament in 2012, did not manage to get into the European Championship directly through the qualifying group phase. The Polish team tied in the match with the Czech Republic, although the first half was quite optimistic, and the team even managed to shoot a goal, but the Czechs evened the score already at the start of the second half, and the game ended 1:1. Ukraine, in turn, played a tense match with Italy – actual European champion, but none of the teams managed to bury the ball, so the game ended with a score of 0:0, which worked in favor of Italians. However, both Poland and Ukraine still have an opportunity to force their way into the Euro 2024 line-up via the play-offs, while some other teams were eliminated completely:

TeamTotal Number of PointsGroup
Norway11Group A
Cyprus0Group A
Republic of Ireland6Group B
Gibraltar0Group B
North Macedonia8Group C
Malta0Group C
Armenia8Group D
Latvia3Group D
Moldova10Group E
Faroe Islands2Group E
Sweden10Group F
Azerbaijan7Group F
Montenegro11Group G
Lithuania6Group G
Bulgaria4Group G
Northern Ireland9Group H
San Marino0Group H
Belarus12Group I
Kosovo11Group I
Andora2Group I
Liechtenstein0Group J

Teams Breaking into Euro 2024 Play-Offs

Some countries that have failed to get to the final tournament through the group phase still can battle it out for their places in Euro 2024 via the play-offs. So, we will see as many as 12 clubs: 4 from every league - A, B, and C of the UNL 2022-23 - that have not managed to qualify for the tournament yet. If any of the leagues has less than 4 non-qualifying teams, the missing spots are completed first by the leader of League D and then by teams from other leagues. So, these are the teams that will compete in the play-offs:

Nations League RankingTeamLeague
11PolandGroup A
16WalesGroup A
17IsraelGroup B
18Bosnia and HerzegovinaGroup B
21FinlandGroup B
22UkraineGroup B
23IcelandGroup B
33GeorgiaGroup C
34GreeceGroup C
36KazakhstanGroup C
37LuxembourgGroup C
49EstoniaGroup D

Euro 2024 Play-Offs: Highlights to Know

12 play-off participants were divided into 3 paths, containing 4 teams each. Every path will see 2 semi-final games on March 21, 2024, and 6 winners (2 from each path) will then progress to the finals, scheduled for March 26, 2024. Hence, 3 final matches will determine the teams finishing the Euro 2024 line-up. The play-off draw is as follows:

Path A


Team 1Team 2


Team 1Team 2

Path B


Team 1Team 2
Bosnia and HerzegovinaUkraine


Team 1Team 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina/UkraineIsrael/Iceland

Path C


Team 1Team 2


Team 1Team 2

When & Where Is UEFA European Championship Going to Be Held?

The final Euro 2024 tournament is planned to be held from June 14, 2024 to July 14, 2024 in 10 Germany venues. The schedule was confirmed back on May 10, 2022, defining where and when 51 matches will be played. The host cities are highlighted below along with the stadiums and their capacity.

Cologne Stadium47,000Cologne
BVB Stadion66,000Dortmund
Dusseldorf Arena47,000Dusseldorf
Frankfurt Arena48,000Frankfurt
Arena AufSchalke50,000Gelsenkirchen
Leipzig Stadium42,000Leipzig
Munich Football Arena67,000Munich
Stuttgart Arena54,000Stuttgart

The Euro 2024 final will occur on July 14 at the Berlin's Olympiastadion. The event promises to be thrilling, so do not miss it!