Top 10 Reddit Soccer Subreddits You Should Keep an Eye On

Beyond any doubt, this one is the most popular sub

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Top 10 Reddit Soccer Subreddits You Should Keep an Eye On

1. The main subreddit


Beyond any doubt, this one is the most popular subreddit out there. With more than 1,2 million subscribers no other forum can beat that speaking of football. Speaking of the European football, of course, also known as Association football or soccer. It’s not hard to guess that r/soccer is the general hub containing thousands of discussions on a wide variety of themes, regarding the most popular game on the planet.

With so many aspects involved it might be uneasy to find the thread you are looking for. But for the greater convenience of the users and subscribers, (almost) every day there is a pinned post providing quick links to numerous threads concerning recent games or ones that are about to be played soon, highlights, etc. The hottest news is posted there too, so you don’t need to browse around a dozen of sports website to get the picture of what happens in the world of football.

2. The live stream hub


Don’t pretend that you have never searched for “pirate” streaming on the Internet. Most of the soccer fans do it every once in a while, and some of them prefer to watch “stolen” matches. The truth is most of you can’t afford to pay for every game even if you want to, so sneaking is not always that bad.

Thus it’s not a miracle that r/soccer streams occurs to be so - there are more than 370 thousand followers of that channel using the tools provided in the threads. You can read about what is the safest way to enjoy the game through the web stream, for example. Sadly, this subreddit went through some hard times recently – according to the admins it has been “been hit with a massive downvote wave and bots.” So, there are no links up there when you open the main page. But at least until one month ago, it was considered the best Reddit for streaming. Wait to see is there a chance to rebound.

3. Watch the highlights


You don’t have the time to watch the whole game. You need the substance of it. This is what the highlights have been invented for. Finding videos of the goals and the most exciting situations is not always easy as it looks like. You can try Youtube, or you can check the threads at r/footballhighlights. More than 80 thousand people subscribe to that channel for the freshest links of the recently ended matches briefs.

Uploading a video with low quality will do no good. Users can downvote it, so don’t try it. And you can upvote or downvote the others users contribution.

4. Download full matches


The purpose of this subreddit is apparent. The threads in there consist primarily of links to download full soccer games to your computer. With more than 27 thousand subscribers the voting system is essential here too to know which user posts the content of a good quality and which does not.

5. The betting advisor


As there are many live stream channels, there are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to soccer predictions. The sports bets have turned to be more intriguing for many people than the sport itself. We will not go into how much the gambling factor might ruin the beauty of the game. Thousands of people need a bet advisor, and at least 31 K find it in r/SoccerBetting.

The daily picks threads are there to provide the tips for the games in that afternoon’s or evening’s schedule. The advice in the discussion is for free, and actually, the subscribers share their opinions and place their predictions about specific games or soccer events. Besides that, what might be more helpful for the users are different strategies for sports gambling. It’s always risky, but using some hints and tips might help for the success.

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6. The game in depth


This one might go as one of the jewels in Reddit concerning the game of football. Its popularity is modest so far – there are 8,3 K subscribers interested in the more detailed knowledge of the strategies and tactics. The threads are posted once or twice a month, but it’s hard to keep a one-by-day tempo with such themes. The intensity is not the primary virtue of that subreddit.

As the title assumes, r/soccernerd is for those looking for a deeper understanding of the soccer game. Here is where you find the explanation what Gegenpressing is or what is Zonal Marking looked from every aspect. Everyone who loves the game must check this one.

7. You will never Reddit alone


Some of the most famous soccer subreddits are dedicated to a particular club. The numbers change every day, but at the moment of writing the most popular channel is the Liverpool FC reddit. More than 125 thousand “Kopites” have joined the platform so far to discuss the fortunes of their favorite Merseyside team. Other English Premier League do not fall too far behind anyway – 117 K follows the arch-rival's Manchester United page, Chelsea boasts with 111 K, and Arsenal also has 6-digit support (103 000) among the reddit-ers.

It turns out that Reddit is much less popular among the fans of other major clubs. Barcelona (37.7K) and Real Madrid (31.1K) are not that widely discussed there as in the real world. The German forces FC Bayern (16.1 K) and Borussia Dortmund (15.7 K) compete between each other but have lengths to go to catch with the English clubs.

8. MLS is more popular here than any other European league


A true story. The Reddit platform is much more popular in the United States than in Europe. The previous paragraph might lead you to the conclusion that the English Premier League page should be the one with the most significant number of followers. Compared to La Liga or Serie A, EPL has more subscribers, but with 52K barely makes the half the volume of followers of Major League Soccer. There are nearly 100 thousand users submitted to r/mls. The primary US soccer competition grows in fame and evokes more discussion than ever before.

9. The World Cup is always relevant


The biggest football tournament delivers a variety of topics for fans who discuss the matter for days, or weeks, or even months. The World Cup 2018 ended in June, and it is still hot enough to make people talk about it. R/worldcup has nearly 350 K subscribers, and with such numbers, this is one of the most popular channels out there.

Scrolling down the page, you can see that the forum is quite general in content. Anyway, the mods insist that the topics still needs to have some link with the World Cup to stay there.

10. The Reddit for the players


The channels and the threads are mostly dedicated to the fans. Anyway, there is a hub where the footballers gather to discuss the matters they are interested in. Well, don’t expect to find Cristiano Ronaldo or Mohammed Salah to post threads at r/bootroom. That subreddit has almost 15K followers, most of which are amateur players. They discuss the training, the tactics, the injury issues and treatment, and other things like that.

You can probably go into it to arrange a game of your neighborhood team, for example. Well, this one might be harder to achieve, but asking what boots to wear on a rainy day will be a theme to give you back the response you look for. The bottom line here is “Improve your game.”