The Best Football Games to Play in 2023

With the 2023/2024 season hosted in England alread

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The Best Football Games to Play in 2023

With the 2023/2024 season hosted in England already garnering steam, the question on the minds of most sports fans is, “What are the best football games of 2023?” The season has already produced some jaw-dropping performances. Football fans continue with the thrill of playing with their favourite teams on console and PC games.

Below is a review of the most entertaining games of 2023.

In the English Premier League, one unforgettable match is Chelsea’s 4-4 draw with Manchester City. The eight-goal thriller, which ran just before the last international break of the year, has been categorised by many pundits as a Premier League classic.

Real Madrid’s 2-1 win over Barcelona was also highly delightful, with Jude Bellingham scoring in the final minute to secure the win for Los Blancos. Other fascinating games this year include Brighton’s 3-1 win over Manchester United, Inter Milan’s 5-1 thrashing of AC Milan, and Arsenal’s 1-0 win over the treble winners, Manchester City.

However, the excitement wasn’t limited to the material pitch. Plenty of entertaining PC and console games have been released this year, taking the football frenzy a notch higher.

Picking the most exciting football games in 2023 can be tricky. This year has delivered many captivating options across all major consoles, mobile phones, and PCs.

Below are the five picks that deliver the best gaming experience.

Football Star

Microgaming is popular for releasing popular free slots like the fantastic Football Star slot game. It’s a high-energy slot game that captures the spirit of football. It features a five-reel setup and 243 paylines.

Football Star features immersive graphics with symbols like football boots, stadiums, and player characters. It also comes with microgames like Rolling Reels and Striking Wild, giving you an exciting gaming experience.

Football Manager 2024

Football Manager presents a chance to dominate domestic, continental, and even international leagues and competitions. You will do well if you are tactically competent, as the game readily has a flexible tactics creator. You can use the feature to create your preferred playing style and formation.

Another feature you will enjoy is the game’s interactive team performance details. In the game’s latest edition, the lighting, ball physics, and player movement have all been improved to enhance this feature. Football Manager is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices.

EA FC 24

EA Sports FIFA has been around for many years, and its latest edition carries the name EA FC 24. The game, which can be played on a PlayStation, PC, Xbox, mobile phone, or Nintendo Switch, has some of the best game modes and footballing features. This game includes the futuristic Hypermotion V technology, which delivers outstanding movement animations and ultra-realistic gameplay.

Furthermore, EA FC 24 now features Pro Clubs, allowing you and your friends to create custom players and compete against each other in one team. It also retains the concept of collecting virtual “football cards/stickers,” which has been a fan-favourite since its release in 2009.

Dream League Soccer 2023

Unlike most other options in this list, Dream League Soccer is a mobile game that lets you form a team of football players who can win the game’s greatest honours. The game has a massive collection of more than 4,000 FIFPRO licensed players you can choose from to create your squad.

In its latest version, Dream League Soccer 2023 comes with captivating commentary and 3D-captured player animations. Furthermore, it has a module that allows you to upgrade the infrastructural capabilities of your team’s stadium. You can personalise your manager profile by choosing a unique outfit or hairstyle from the various options available in the game.


Previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), eFootball is another game that has been around for a long while. Most people considered it to be FIFA’s fiercest rival for several years. It comes with unique features, such as the European showdown that mimics the intensity of end-of-season matches across Europe.

Some notable eFootball features include the dream team, an ultimate team-style game mode. This mode lets you create world-beating teams by signing and developing high-profile players and game legends.

Rocket League

Rocket League could be the most fascinating of all the football concepts you may come across. It is an arcade-style form of football mixed with rocket-fuelled cars and vehicles. You must knock a large football into your opponent’s goal while controlling a car on a circle-shaped field.

Rocket League allows you to customise your vehicle to reflect your taste and gaming style. It has offline season modes, mutator options, online casual, competitive matches, hockey-esque, and basketball extra modes.


The 2023/2024 football season has already given us some exciting moments, and it’s yet to complete. However, you don’t have to limit your football thrills to physical games, as there are plenty of exciting video games to try out. Try the above games and find out what genre you love the most.