Live score Serie A of every confrontation

A new season has started in the Italian championsh

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Live score Serie A of every confrontation

A new season has started in the Italian championship, and following the live score Serie A is now much easier, because all the information is presented in full on the website of sports statistics.

Once again, Juventus from Turin is considered the main favorite of the draw. The Old Signora has already won 8 consecutive titles, which set a European record. However, it seems that Juventus doesn’t intend to stop there. This is proved by the most powerfultransfer campaign performed by the Bianco Neri. So, in the summer, the current champion of Italy has signed:

  • Buffon;
  • Ramsey;
  • Rabiot;
  • De Ligt;
  • Danilo.

The first three players were signed completely for free. This proves once again how cool the management of the Old Signora is.

From the first rounds of the new season, the squad of Maurizio Sarri, who also came to the club only this summer, began to confirm its status of a favorite of the competition. Just look at their live score in Serie A to make sure that Juventus is equally successful in playing against both outsiders and the recognized favorites.

Perhaps the main problem of the team will be excessive  lineup. On the one hand, this is an advantage, because even in the absence of the leading performers, they will always be replaced by the newcomers. However, in practice, it usually turns out that many top players simply don’t make it to the starting lineup or even to an application for the Champions League, as has recently happened with Emre Can and Mandzukic.

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Too many football players make lead to the fact that they become unhappy with the amount of game practice they get. However, given the workload of Juventus on all fronts, there will be a place in the starting lineup for everyone. If you want to follow the success of the team, just visit the 777 score site.

If we compare the transfer campaign of Juventus and the direct competitors of Sarri’s team, it becomes clear that the Old Signora is head and shoulders stronger than the rest. That is why it is the main favorite of the championship. The only thing that can prevent the Bianco Neri from playing successfully is focus on the Champions League, because triumph in the European arena is a long-standing dream of the team’s management.

Sarri’s squad began the new season confidently, as can be seen at the 777 score website. It is possible that this time Juve will be able to create a comfortable margin of safety by the middle of the season so that they would spend the second part of the season in relax mode, focusing mainly on the Champions League.