How to make a living on sports betting?

Sports betting has become a lucrative, fun activit

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How to make a living on sports betting?

Sports betting has become a lucrative, fun activity due to availability of online platforms. The bettors can stay engaged in betting activities throughout the annual calendar as sports events take place everywhere and during all seasons. There are several nations where sports like football and cricket are no less than any religion. The sports here are organized regularly and promoted on a grand level. It does create ripe conditions for betting enthusiasts. Thus, it proves to be a good idea if you learn how to make a living from sports betting. Explained here are a few workable tips.

How to bet online to make it a source of regular income?

Betting online provides a number of conveniences. First of all, you can select any sport’s event running in any part of the world and bet on it without bothering to spend time and money on travel. Hence, you get fabulous opportunity to create promising combo bets containing multiple small bets.

Some tips to bet online for consistent income are:

  1. Choose multiple bookmakers: There are apps like oddscheckers, which can tell you about various betting sites offering odds. You can do research, find value bets for the same odds, and also pick the sites where the best odds are available. Sometimes, choosing multiple bookmakers allow you to bet both for and against the odd. So, if you have done your homework nicely, you can always secure a win without bothering about the match’s outcome.
  2. Keep subscribing to new bookmakers: When you are a new guest to a bookmaker online, you are showered with lots of freebies, discounts, and bonus bets etc. to keep you pulled. This way you save a lot of money and always have some money in your betting account to try your luck.
  3. Choose multiple sports: You can make a mix of high and low competition betting markets by choosing most followed and moderately followed sports. Thus, you can balance the low paying markets against high paying ones. Also, there is always a sport event waiting for you in any part of the year to be upon.
  4. Choose easy sports to bet upon: Football betting is not so easy but does offer a phenomenal amount of money. If you are a thorough follower of this sport, you can make easy guesses. Also, there are football tipsters working round the clock to support you. Their tips can also help score easy win. Since football events have a lot of data and stories to offer, the bettors are not devoid of information.

What are best sports betting tricks for making regular wins?

Regular winning in sports betting requires thorough dedication. You have to be avid follower of the game and have an unbiased attitude towards the teams or their players. Some of the tips to follow are:

  1. Keep scoring with low-priced odds: If the odds of England winning in Football World Cup are low, it means it is a strong contender. Thus, chances of bets favoring England ending in wins are high. So, keep searching for such odds and place money on those; it may help you have win most times.
  2. Avoid giving into temptations: A high-priced odd or value bet may have got inflated due to addition of house advantage. So, you need to search thoroughly for value bets and when you win one of those, take money home and enjoy the booty. Try not to invest double the amount of winning the same day; some bets are designed only to extract money from bettor. So, practice caution and discipline!
  3. Choose right time to bet: It mostly happens that bookmakers announce high value bets or shift odd price to higher value just before the start of the match. If you have done your research thoroughly, this is the opportunity to score a value bet.

How do hedging and arbing a bet benefit the bettors?

In the above sections, we have explained you advantages of having multiple betting sites’ membership. Your betting on multiple betting sites offers you opportunities of arbing or hedging a bet.

In hedging a bet, you choose a high value bet at the start. For example, you favor a high value bet where the home win is speculated to win. Then, after some time, you go for draw or loss bet also, converting it into a sure win or sure loss situation. This strategy wins you sizable profit, though not huge.

In arbing a bet, you are simply betting on all three possibilities – win, lose or draw almost within a minute. This strategy creates an earning opportunity if you have pegged your profits at as low as 5 Dollars. Thus, you don’t get the undue attention, and work your way to the profit.

Can tipsters help make a living from sports betting?

Tipsters are the sports betting experts. They are fully dedicated to research and analysis of the sports. Here are some ways tipsters help in making a living from sports betting:

  1. Decide the betting budget and make provision for tipster price: Pay the best soccer tipsters in the world having more than 80% winning rate. Such tipsters send you tips right on time and help decide about making a bet or not way in advance.
  2. Select the sites that offer the best-priced odds: Tipsters reduce the search work for you. They provide you with the list of betting exchanges and sites where the odds are most profitably priced according to their research. Thus, you select the sites and create your combo bet having high profit possibility.
  3. Tipster sites with lots of offers: You will never be devoid of a betting opportunity when a best football tipster is within your reach. These sites come up with promotional plans like cashbacks, loyalty bonuses, etc. and keep your account active always.


Making a living from sports betting is possible if you have followed this activity like a real job. You can use expertise of to increase your chances of winning in a majority of occasions. Also, the information on how to bet, where to bet and the tournaments’ trends and several betting tips available here can help you continue as a bettor for almost forever.