How To Bet On Football Without Going To The Bookies

There’s nothing like watching football on a Sunday

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How To Bet On Football Without Going To The Bookies

There’s nothing like watching football on a Sunday afternoon. You’ve got your friends over, you’ve got your beverage, and you've got the sweet, sweet violence of brute strength and blinding speed. It’s a great time. Like all sporting events, what would make it even more interesting? Placing a wager. Betting boosts the fun factor of any game way beyond what it normally would be. The problem is, having to pick up your phone and get in contact with a bookie. If you don’t have one, how do you find one? Are they really shady characters like you see in the movies? Is there a barrier to entry that one might not know about?

Thankfully, there are other means of betting on the game without having to deal with any shady characters. Here’s how.

Mobile Betting Apps

Your best option, by far, is to go to a mobile casino. You don’t have to call anyone or arrange any sort of meeting. You just go on your phone, choose among the best mobile betting apps, and register your profile. It’s like signing up for anything on the internet; fast, easy, and secure. After that, you just pick the bets and check the odds. When it comes to betting money, why would you trust any individual person to get you paid? Reputation? These mobile apps use systems like PayPal and AliPay. They’ve got more to lose than your average bookie your friend ditches you. They’re always going to be a more secure option than some random guy.

Fantasy Sports

One of the most popular ways to bet on the internet is through fantasy sports. Fantasy sports falls into that gray area where it’s not really betting in the traditional sense, and the powers that be have yet to wisen up to the phenomenon. There are limitations on how you bet, really. It’s more of a wager on your expertise as a fantasy franchise owner than the actual age itself. It puts your knowledge to the test and pins it against a pool of your own choosing, or to the rest of the fantasy football public. Depending on the format of your fantasy game, you can do daily picks for cash or season-long picks for bigger prizes.

Betting Pool

If you work in an office and don’t really know your coworkers that much, football is a great way to make some new friends. There’s usually some talk at the water cooler about the game. Yes, Gen X and Millennials tend to roll their eyes at the whole “water cooler small talk” mode of communication, for whatever reason. But it’s a fun way to get a betting pool going. A good betting pool can net you a pretty penny. If you lay down the rules and evenly measure up who gets what, you can easily turn $10 to $100. It’s a good introduction to betting and sports wagers in general. Once you graduate from the coworker betting pool, you might want to try your hand at mobile betting apps.

Betting is fun. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t be doing it. Thank goodness we don’t have to drive all the way down to the casino to get it done. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with some questionable bookie at the barber shop who may or may not skip town. Secure mobile betting, fantasy football, and friends are the way to go.