How Handicap Betting in Cricket Works

This is common sense that an individual betting st

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How Handicap Betting in Cricket Works

This is common sense that an individual betting strategy is more valuable and profitable than the general one. Almost all betting types are applicable to almost all kinds of sports. But even here some specifications are found and should be singled out for the bettor to become more skilled and self-confident in his deal.

Handicap betting is one of those betting types which can differ from one sport to another. It is utilized in such sports as football, rugby, basketball, hockey, tennis, and cricket. But various handicap bets are included and modified in terms of the games’ rules. That’s why, the bettor can often come across other definitions like line betting, the spread, points betting, and Asian handicap.

Handicap betting is straightforward and frequently used by different bookies to maintain the ongoing event thrilling where one team is dominating the match, or where both teams are considerably mismatched from the very start. This betting type is especially exciting for those who enjoy online or live betting. As Indians are avid cricket bettors, they can use this opportunity and through place a cricket handicap bet on their favorite T20 World Cup, Test Cricket Match, or popular IPL. This is an amazing way to get pleasure from live streaming and earning big money by placing cricket handicap bets.

How Cricket Handicap Betting Works

The online betting bookmaker sets a spread due to what they believe is likely to result. It’s down to the bettor to tackle whether he predicts the outcome will be higher or lower than their spread. In handicap betting, everything is always done on a higher or lower basis. That’s why handicap betting works well for certain betting markest like, for instance, the total number of runs scored in the cricket match.

Understanding the Numbers

The best way to understand how cricket handicap betting works is to use an example. The bookmaker’s spread might look like for an upcoming game: total goals — 1.9; 2.1. There are two numbers. The lower number, 1.9, indicates the sell price. The higher number, 2.1., indicates the buy price. So, the spread is said to be 1.9 — 2.1.

To be able to bet on this market, the bettor has to decide whether there would be less than 1.9 goals or more than 2.1. goals. It is clear that the actual number of goals will be always a whole number. But the decimals are important here when it comes to settling stakes.

Placing Handicap Bets

If the bettor wants to place a wager on more than 2.1. goals, he would buy the spread. If he wants to place a wager on less than 1.9 goals, he would sell the spread. Anytime he wants to buy or sell the spread, it is directed to «opening a position». Once the bettor gets to this stage, it’s time for him to think about how much money he wants to wager. The result of the wager depends on the total number of goals scored in a cricket match.

Keeping in mind these two numbers offered by the bookmaker for a certain cricket match, the bettor can choose two specific ways to place handicap bets. He can either wager on a heavy favorite to win at improved odds or bet on slight underdogs and make a handicap that shifts the match balance to their favor.

Whatever way the bettor chooses, he needs to explore the market thoroughly and express good knowledge of each combating side whilst using the cricket handicap betting.