Football Betting Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

With almost 6.38 million Brits placing wagers on s

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Football Betting Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

With almost 6.38 million Brits placing wagers on sporting events in 2022 alone, there is no denying that punters love betting on the outcome of games. Of this volume of people, 43% choose football as their preferred sport to wager on.

With that many people betting on the sport, it is the country’s most popular sport for gambling. As such, many online strategies, tricks, tips, and suggestions allow gamblers to (hopefully) profit the most from their bets.

Of these, finding one that will work may be tricky—not because they are not based on solid research or ideas, but because football is an unpredictable sport, and there is no clear-cut way to accurately predict who will win or lose.

However, trends in the game do exist and are irrefutable. Following these may be your best bet at claiming success in your betting endeavours. Below, you’ll find the best trends that you should pay attention to when betting during this next year.

What Is a Trend?

A trend is commonly defined as the general direction in which something changes or develops. While this remains true among trends in sports betting, these trends differ slightly.

Essentially, a trend in the context of sports betting occurs when many punters begin following the same method to place bets. This method can be based on different things, which we’ll discuss more below, but it does need to fulfil two main criteria before it can be termed as a trend.

First, people with a betting reputation need to use the trend. Primarily, this is because these punters aren’t shy about sharing what has worked for them and what hasn’t. More than this, these famous gamblers’ stats will identify if the trend is working for them.

Secondly, trends come and go. However, good trends tend to last a while and are not just fly-by-night occurrences. As such, they are proven to work and have shown their effectiveness over an extended period. The general rule is that the longer a trend has been around, the more reliable and trustworthy it is.

Types of Betting Trends to Watch

While many trends can be found using a quick online search, some fulfil the above criteria better than others. These are the ones to look out for during the betting season, as they will most likely lead to success.

Team Trends

A team trend is based on a team’s players in its starting line-up for a match. Specific team configurations result in better performance from the team overall. Likewise, others are known to affect performance adversely.

Because knowing who the team is made up of and how it will affect the team is a simple trend to follow, this is recommended for many punters, particularly if specific line-ups are statistically proven to result in a win.

Home Ground Trends

Like the team trends above, home-ground trends are built by looking at specific teams’ performance based on where they are playing. Many teams perform better at their home grounds (or home stadium). This is especially true for underdogs who may struggle to perform while playing away yet rarely lose a home match.

Even though this is generally a safe trend to follow, this one may require you to research statistics on your own to reach a conclusion. After all, some teams have been known to suffer defeats at home when nobody expected it to happen.

Coach Trends

As with the importance placed on which players are participating in a specific match, such as England’s coaching staff in Euro League made before, can also make a massive difference. A team’s coaching staff will affect the approach they use when playing and can drastically influence the outcome of a game.

Therefore, trends can be built around who the coaching team is for a season (or even a single game). Some coaches yield better results because of their coaching method. Others still have great success in one area (such as games played abroad) but may lack in another.

Bye Week Trends

A bye week is a seven-day period in the middle of a sporting season where players can rest and recharge. It is essential to players’ continued performance and gives punters a chance to re-evaluate their bets according to their teams’ success or losses during the first half of the season.

A bye week trend is built upon the historical performance of a team after this week has passed. Many teams come back energized and ready to fight for victory. However, others may lose steam after the brief cool-down period. Knowing which team reacts in which way makes this trend valuable and could yield good results.

Where to Find Trends

Doing in-depth research to identify a trend may be outside the scope of ability for many gamblers. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to watch trends as they happen online.

These can be found on betting or sports-related websites. Alternatively, a quick internet search will yield thousands of current trends results. However, it is always recommended that you only watch trends provided by reputable websites and people.

Just like CasinoSource is a market leader in determining which casino sites are worth gambling on, plenty of sportsbook sites provide accurate information on trends to help you make informed decisions when placing a bet. Using these trends can drastically change the results you can expect compared to betting against them.


Football is unpredictable, and an upset can happen relatively quickly. However, trends provide a degree of predictability to the sport and are a massive aid to gamblers looking to profit from betting.

Knowing which trends to follow and where to find them is a great way to ensure you’re not just betting on hope alone. Instead, watching these trends and following the masses can result in making informed betting decisions without overloading your brain with all the information behind the trend.