Famous Australian Athletes Who Enjoy Poker

Poker is one of the most famous games in casinos.

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Famous Australian Athletes Who Enjoy Poker

Poker is one of the most famous games in casinos. It is especially well-known among celebrities and players. There’s no wonder that these people have thousands of dollars to spend. A poker table is an ideal opportunity to get some cash on the side and spend your time in good company. Moreover, poker is also associated with adrenaline, and many athletes specifically enjoy this aspect of the game. That said, today, we are coming to you with a quick aus pokies guide that will give you the basics about poker, pokies, blackjack, and many other successful Australian games. We will also tell you why so many Australian athletes enjoy pokies and online versions of their famous games. So, let’s see what sorts of Australian athletes enjoy gambling and poker.

Choosing The Best Platforms with Care

The first lesson that you should learn from Australian athletes is how they choose the best possible platform. Most of them are rather secretive people who enjoy anonymity. This means that they only put their money on trustworthy platforms. A successful sportsman will never use a random casino. That is why so many players enjoy poli casino australia, which guarantees the security of your payment transactions when you make a deposit. That said, game selection is yet another specification you will have to consider. We all have different preferences, and sportsmen are no exception. A game that perfectly fits their needs will not always be an ideal variant for you. That is why so many celebrities try to find a platform with thousands of different options and variations of poker. Besides, not everyone enjoys live poker.

What Games Prefer Athletes

Choosing the correct game when it comes to gambling is art. You have to understand your own skills and desires before you start playing. Beginners will struggle. The majority of them will reach for online pokies since slot machines are associated with ease of use and quick money. We agree with this conclusion since pokies are profitable and easy to understand. You don’t have to possess certain skills or understand gambling perfectly. However, professionals enjoy different table games. So here is a quick list of titles:

  • Pokies
  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Poker
  • American Roulette
  • Sports betting

Shane Warne

Now we can finally get to our list of successful players or sportsmen from Australia who enjoy poker. Our first person on this list is Shane Warne. He is a pro cricket player born in Australia and still remains one of the most successful cricket players in the world. However, many people will be surprised to learn that Shane is also insanely good at poker. Back in 2010. He was a part of the Victoria Poker Championship. He didn’t only win, but he got $35,000 for his third place in the championship. Throughout his life, he earned more than $200,000 playing poker, and it is a rough estimate.

Nick Kyrgios

We have all types of players on our list. Among them is Nick Kyrgios. He’s known for his rather flirty personality and very lazy games. It’s his way of showing that he is much better than most other players. However, many say he lacks respect for the crowd and his opponents. Nevertheless, we don’t necessarily care about his public persona. The only thing that matters is the fact that he also enjoys poker. He was seen multiple times leaving local casinos after yet another successful match. It is unknown weather. This particular person plays online. However, most people who play in real life also prefer the online version.

Daniel Ricciardo

This successful Formula One driver was also born in Australia. He also won the most prestigious motorsport race in the world. It was the Monaco Grand Prix. Overall, he is one of the most famous Formula One drivers in the world, and it is no wonder he also likes poker. Last year he also advertised responsible gambling for one of the local casinos. He never says no to a quiet and friendly poker game in his free time. However, he was never once associated with any gambling scandal.

Glenn Maxwell

It seems like many successful cricket players also enjoy poker. Glenn is widely known for his destructive tactics on the field. We don’t know whether he has the magic powers to win so many titles. However, he relaxes at different casinos after successful matches. It is also natural that poker is his favorite game.

Bernard Tomic

Let’s move on to the last person on our list. Bernard Tomic is yet another tennis player whose career has been taken off greatly. He has won several major championships, and here we are mostly talking about tennis. When it comes to poker, Bernard is not as successful. He mostly plays for fun in his free time.

Bottom Line

Overall, practically every second Australian player or sportsman enjoys poker in their free time. It is no wonder since this particular game is widely associated with a massive profit. Celebrities and successful people want to enjoy poker since it is highly entertaining. Besides, they also like the thrill and excitement associated with the title. Many also participate in different championships and get titles on their own. However, celebrities also show that poker and gambling should always be taken responsibly. So if you want to try blackjack or poker, don’t forget to limit your budget and always be responsible.