Champions League 2020 Betting Tips

2020/21 UEFA Champions League has already started.

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Champions League 2020 Betting Tips

2020/21 UEFA Champions League has already started. However, some top games are yet to come. Wondering who can become a cup winner in the new season to make a few dollars? Then don’t waste time and check some top tips and predictions covered by old hand experts straight away!

The Champions League is always one of the most unforgettable and epic events for football fans. Almost before every match, sports experts consider various scenarios to develop events, taking into account the bookmakers' odds. Today's review is a real godsend! There is a wealth of information to help you make informed choices and succeed.

The tips will be based on information taken from popular gaming platforms, namely BetVictor and Grosvenor. It is no secret that these sites are some of the primary sources of useful tips for the Champions League. Above all, they can offer remarkably high odds, detailed statistics for each game, and dizzying bonus packages (to check them all just visit It is noteworthy that the operators also offer some of the most advanced gaming portfolios for gambling clients. Most importantly, there is never a shortage of detailed predictions and tips for every game from the group stage to the final match.

Features of placing bets on the Champions League

Before making a final decision and betting on a specific result, experienced gamblers recommend that you study in detail the offers from leading bookies. A comparison of odds and detailed statistics will help you stay as informed and make a bet like a real pro. Take the time to read enough of the reviews and tips that sports experts provide before every Champions League match. Yes, it may take several hours. However, the game is worth the candle.

The specifics of one of the largest football championships

If you are new to the world of football, then you should know that the championship brings together a large number of teams from the Europa League. Some of them must pass the qualifying round for classification in the Champions League. However, this step is not required for all participants. If a team shows a high ranking, it immediately qualifies for the group stage without pre-qualification.

As soon as the qualification procedure is completed, the teams begin to play the group stages. The championship includes eight groups in total. Moreover, each of the groups consists of four teams. Teams play each other twice. Once the match takes place in the home arena, and the second one takes place away. The two teams with the most points are ranked first and second in the group and come to the next stage. It looks like a knockout game, and the teams are struggling to take the first place.

The most critical stages of the Champions League playoffs include:

  • Round of 16.
  • Quarter-finals.
  • Semi-finals.
  • Final.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Favorites

It's no secret that bookmakers are likely to determine possible winners even before the start of the championship. Judging by the offered odds, the most likely winners are teams such as:

  • 1. Bavaria.
  • 2. Manchester.
  • 3. PSG.

What is so special about their rosters, and why exactly can they get the winner's laurels? Let's look at this in more detail.


Bayern Munich currently has the most balanced selection of elite players. The coaching staff decided to further strengthen the team's game by adding Leroy Sane to the leading team. His high pace and dynamic play have been able to add further improvement for Bayern in attacking moments.

Also, do not forget about such a top player as Kingsley Coman. It seems that the head coach of the team continues to experiment with the lineup and does not give preference to any particular players. This keeps the team hungry and continuously strives for better results. The players leave no stone unturned to play regularly and not sit on the bench.

It seems that manager Hans-Dieter Flick offered an excellent mix of young and experienced world-class players and precisely knows where they should be. One way or another, Bayern has an irresistible desire and experience to master the most crucial football cup of all time.

Manchester City

The pressure of the club's management on Pep Guardiola has been increasing lately. Despite the colossal amounts spent on transfers, Manchester City still failed to win the desired award. The head coach is still following the previous good practice shown in Barcelona and has dominated football pitches for the past 15 years.

Don't forget that City's head coach already has several Champions League medals. However, Manchester City's squad has failed to break the quarter-finals mark for the past three seasons.

The most crucial advantage of Manchester City is its unique team composition. It's no secret that Guardiola will use Nathan Ake and Ferran Torres to the fullest. It looks like City has a reasonably high chance of hunting for the main trophy in the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain

Some sports experts believe PSG is closest to winning the Champions League trophy. Let's remember that last season, the team reached the final and achieved impressive results. However, their dominance on the field was left far behind after the meeting with Bayern Munich.

The opening final ended in defeat and showed obvious defensive mistakes. Nevertheless, PSG has one of the best squads, which has no equal in the attack. Currently, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are showing incredible results in almost every match and fully live up to their coach's expectations.