Betting Exchange Apps: What Are The Best Options?

The platform has been optimized to ensure that you

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Betting Exchange Apps: What Are The Best Options?


In a wagering exchange, you can wager for or against an event.

These days, punters do not only rely on betting as a side hustle or primary source of income. They have also resorted to punting exchange platforms. These apps and sites provide an enabling environment for gamesters to place wagers on different outcomes. This guide will walk you through the two top-rated wagering exchange apps that we see as the best options. You will also learn about their benefits.

Betfair Trading App

Betfair is a popular title in the wagering exchange ecosystem. It took root in 2000. Since then, it has managed to gain momentum in the betting and trading world. It has many clients working around it every step of the way. The best part is that the site is user-centric, and a newcomer will understand its navigation system quickly.

The platform has been optimized to ensure that you can easily track updates on new wagers. It also provides matched punting and real-time platforms. All these lucrative offers boost winning chances.

As if this is not enough, Betfair has the best app directories for betting exchange or trading. The essence of these apps is to enhance your trading experience by automating your trading strategies. In this way, you can start trading on the move with your smartphones.

These Betfair directories wagering exchange apps include:

  • Profit ladder: Profit Ladder is not a wagering exchange app per se. However, it provides everything that you need to know about matched punting.
  • Botbeetle: BotBeetle is a trading application on the Betfair Exchange platform. With its ladder and grid functionality, you can quickly navigate through the app to place, vary and cancel orders. The app utilizes different tools for exchange, such as charts, real-time results, one-click punting, triggers, dutching, and many others. Beetle is suitable for both beginners and experienced merchants.
  • King Trader: Unlike the Botbeetle, KingTrader is a more suitable option for experienced traders. However, it also provides an enabling environment for beginners to flourish by offering the practice mode option. It furnishes real-time prices and data with different tools that make the experience worthwhile. For instance, KingTrader utilizes five interfaces, such as Horizontal and Grid, to ensure convenience and efficiency.
  • BetTrader: Like the KingTrader and Botbeetle, BetTrader allows you to place wagers faster than directly on the website. The app also has advanced punting exchange tools that automate wagers after complying with predetermined conditions. The BetTrader also utilizes the ladder interface, which showcases all the available stakes, volumes utilized and amounts available for trading.
  • Bet Angel Basic: Bet Angel is cost-effective. It is your go-to punting exchange app. The reason is simple. It has incorporated several trading tools to ensure a quick and efficient trading experience. For instance, the cash-out feature allows different ways of earning returns. On the other hand, the bookmaking tool allows you to back and lay wagers in a single market. It also has various trading resources, such as videos for users to explore and learn.

Upsides & Downsides

  • Real-time streaming option.
  • Real-time chat is available around the clock for client support.
  • Lucrative bonuses.
  • Seamless payment options.
  • Has over 500 markets on popular events.
  • Does not support cryptocurrencies.

Smarkets Betting Exchange

Smarkets is one of the forces to be reckoned with in the punting exchange markets. It has accumulated at least 18 million dollars in sports trading since it took root in 2010. The operator perceives a wagering exchange as a barter. It's no wonder its bedrock is simple regarding the kind of trading events it offers. You set your stakes and trade against other players. Newcomers can claim a bonus of over ten dollars.

Smarkets also developed the SBK app. The best parts of the SBK app are that it provides affordable rates and a showy interface. You can download it on your Android device on Google Play Store or your Apple Store. Like every other trading software, real-time events are usually displayed on the app. Once the prices change, you will also see the amount bartered on a specific event. The good news is that the platform can process several trades within a second.

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The best options for betting exchange apps include Betfair Trading apps and Smarkets. These apps are known for the convenience and flexibility that they offer. They can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store. In any case, they also automate your trading strategies. Trying them out wouldn't be a bad choice.