Are We About to See the Premier League Dominating European Football?

Coming out of the global pandemic we have all been

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Are We About to See the Premier League Dominating European Football?

Coming out of the global pandemic we have all been in, the face of football has changed. Many big leagues around Europe have felt the pinch, but the Premier League has managed to continue in much the same way.

There is a strong argument to be made that the Premier League has improved this season, while other leagues have taken a small step backwards. La Liga has lost the draw of Lionel Messi after he signed for French club PSG and following on from that money troubles at Barcelona have forced them to take a step back.

In Germany, things have largely stood still while in France, PSG have moved forward due to the signing of Messi, but those behind them have stayed the same. Italy is another area where football may have taken a step back. Big departures from the main two clubs in Serie A saw Cristiano Ronaldo leave Juventus for Manchester United and Romelu Lukaku leave Inter Milan for Chelsea.

Both of those players, and a few more talented players from around Europe, have now found themselves in the Premier League. It’s not limited to just one club either, the Premier League as a whole has been growing from strength to strength, with the top sides improving, and those behind them doing the same in a bid to keep up.

Premier League Control of European Competitions

Go back to the end of last season, when two European competitions were in place and of the four teams to play in the two finals, three of them were from the Premier League. The Champions League went to Chelsea, giving one trophy to the English clubs.

This season there is hope that more can go to the Premier League, and the bookmakers certainly agree with that. We now have three European competitions, thanks to the creation of the Europa Conference League, with teams from the Premier League taking part in all three. Not only that, but bet365 have a Premier League team listed as favourite to win each of them and have a bet365 new customer offer that can be used on these markets.

Manchester City are favourites to win the Champions League, West Ham favourites for the Europa League and Tottenham favourites for the Europa Conference League. The Champions League, which is the premier competition of them all, has four English clubs in the top six in the betting to lift the trophy, the other two with them are PSG and Bayern Munich. Any nation where football has deemed to go backwards a little, has teams further down the betting list.

A look at the Premier League and the finances of the clubs involved shows that the spending is unlikely to stop anytime soon, and with Newcastle being bought out by rich owners, this could add another team to the list of big buyers.

If those elsewhere in Europe can’t keep up, we could see the Premier League dominating things for many years to come.