A Return To The Pitch

Following the postponement and cancellation of the

A Football Report
A Return To The Pitch

Following the postponement and cancellation of the majority of sporting events due to the coronavirus, it seems we may be gearing up for some leagues to get underway again. Many of the postponements have been in place for a little over a month at this point, and whilst fans are going to have to wait for a while longer yet until the Euros take place as it was moved through to 2021, restrictions are being lifted across Europe and as such we may see a return to a regular football schedule.


- The first league we may see get underway once again is the Bundesliga in Germany - the country has managed to stay relatively well off compared to some of its neighbours during the coronavirus and movement restrictions within the country are starting to be eased. Initially the hope had been that the season would get underway within the coming days in order to have time to round out the full set of games, however a decision to resume has been delayed by the government. Either way, once things do get underway again, it’ll likely be without fans in attendance as efforts to reduce any further spread will continue.

Premier League

- The next big league that we may see get underway again is the premier league within the UK - there is a lot of pressure being placed on higher ups to get things going again as money continues to be an issue - a tentative start date had been set for within the first few days of May, but this may yet change as a larger scale lockdown is still in effect in the UK awaiting to be revised within the coming weeks. Much like Germany, if these games are to get underway again within the coming weeks, it’ll likely be in empty stadiums, but it is still no less exciting for fans who have been missing their weekly games.

La Liga

- Spain is also easing many of their movement restrictions, and after the government greenlight to start testing players before a return to training, we may see Spanish football return quite quickly. A tentative early date for competition games to be resumed is set for June, however with the current pandemic still ongoing this could also change at any time. It does provide some good news for Spanish football fans however as with many of the other leagues, concerns had been raised as to whether or not the season would be closed out at all.

This is also good news for betting fans and services alike - TBC review some non UK casinos that have served as a great alternative as many look for a different way to spend their time and make a little pocket money, but as these leagues are set to return, the betting services will be looking to start offering their odds too. For some time, predictions may be a little harder to make on these games as some players may be out of peak fitness, but also as training grounds have been closed we may see some teams take a couple of games to get back into the swing of things after a period of downtime. We may see some skewed results and big upsets, but it all adds to the excitement of the game.