Meet Angelo Trofa, the visionary behind ‘Football Strip Concept Designs’

"The outcome of a geeky obsession that I probably should have grown out of at 15."

From 9 til 5 Angelo Trofa is a designer and in-house illustrator at Mr Porter, an online retail destination dedicated to men’s style. When he’s not at work, Angelo likes to spend his time designing football kits, which led to the birth of the e-magazine Football Strip Concept Designs, which has just released its third volume.

Angelo, like all of us here at AFR is a passionate football fan. Although residing in England, his Italian background and admiration for Baggio made him a big Inter Milan supporter - who are also very slick when it comes to kit designs.

Following the release of his latest work, we were able to catch up with Angelo.

AFR: How did the project all come about?

Angelo Trofa: I’ve always drawn football strips since I was young, it’s pretty much the outcome of a geeky obsession that I probably should have grown out of at 15. Creating something to document my designs actually came about after wanting to find the best way to showcase my designs, and also because I like to have something in my hand which tells a story.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I have always had a loose interest in fashion, so I have always looked at the cuts of men’s clothing. Military uniforms, Retro football shirts, superheroes and also vintage bicycle jerseys. 

What is the most important element(s) on the kit in your view?

The fit and also the collar.

Which are your all time favourite kits?

Cameroon’s sleeveless kit in 2001; UNAM Pumas from the mid-70s to ‘91, always had the most simple but iconic kits; France Nike Away ‘La Marinere’ 2011; Gremio 1985 and Kappa Kombat kits from 2000, Italy will never look better.

Is there a dream kit you’d love to design?

I’m not too sure, possibly the Italian national kit, but the dream would be to design a world cup shirt, they seem to get immortalised more.

And finally, the million dollar question. Would you want to become a full time kit designer?

It has been my dream since I was a kid, so I think if I was to retire without having designed a professional football kit, I would be a little disappointed.

You can check out all of Angelo Trofa’s ‘Football Strip Concept designs here. And don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

[This was a discussion conducted by our Managing Editor Dom]

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