Nike and ‘O Canarinho’: 17 years of tears and cheers 

'Amarelinha' - A jersey belonging to a roaring, dancing, football fevered nation. A yellow shirt worn by many of football’s greatest performers, who never fail to entertain and earned 5 engraved stars: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002.

As Neymar puts it: “To wear it [the shirt] is the greatest honor for me and my teammates.”

The Brazilian national team is a rich global reference to both modern and historic football, 11 men always playing with a smile - a team which will always viewed as a one of the best, who every year promote a selection of the world’s finest talents to 'A Seleção', where they wear the iconic yellow shirt on top of their chests.

Since Nike took over as shirt sponsor for Brazil in 1996, they’ve produced 11 shirts, featuring in 264 official games. Plenty of past and current players have entertained millions in the 'Amarelinha' and written history, from crashing out in the 1998 World Cup final and bouncing back 4 years later under the dazzling displays of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and co. The talent never runs out and it probably never will.

That yellow kit has created a unique image for Brazil, one which represents their passion for their very own ‘Joga Bonito’ style, which is now seen across the globe. And let’s not forget those adverts, ranging from waiting in an airport lounge to the 'Ole!' match versus Portugal and free-styling in a changing room.

Their latest jersey, which was revealed on Rio’s infamous Copacabana beach during a youth football tournament by Neymar, is a shirt reminiscing a classic look, once again carrying a Cantona collar.

The latest ‘Amarelinha’ makes it debut on Wednesday night, where we see the return of Ronaldinho. AFR will be at Wembley to watch 'O Canarinho' do what they do best - jogar futebol. See you there…

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