Through The Window - AFR Voice Ep.10

Blow up the balloons, get those cake candles lit and fire up the party tunes - it’s the January transfer window’s 10th birthday! To celebrate the momentous occasion we give the old boy the birthday bumps - providing a bruising analysis of the Premier League institution. Sure, it’s a guilty pleasure for fans to enjoy, but is it more disruptive than helpful to clubs and what are the alternatives?

Also in our party bag is a complete round-up of the weekend’s top-tier games - we doff our caps to ageing fine wines Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, whilst also dressing down Jon Walters’s double own-goal fiasco at Chelsea and salivating over Reading’s incredible comeback against West Brom. The club game is wrapped up with a giddy dance around the European leagues - including a look at Kevin Prince-Boateng’s stand against racism and some deliciously mischievous rumours linking Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich.

The cherry on the top of the audio cake is our preview of the African Cup of Nations - we’ll be assessing the traditional big boys’ chances, launching a sweepstake and lighting a candle of hope for ‘plucky minnows’ and AFCON debutants Cape Verde.

For those with an irreverent sweet tooth, we’ll be giving a nod to Clarence Seedorf’s miraculous music career, an adorable dog invasion at Galatasaray and champion Italy’s less complimentary answer to the Ballon d’Or…the Golden Bin Awards!

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