Andy Carroll: England’s most expensive man

The 2011 English Winter transfer window has certainly been the most intense and highest spending of all time, today over £120m was exchanged between clubs. The real shock was not Andy Carroll’s transfer but the reported £35m Liverpool paid. That elevated value has transformed the 22 year old into the most expensive English player and 9th in the world. Rio Ferdinand was the former holder of this record when he signed for Manchester United in 2002 for £30m; the England captain proved his value and now it’s time for Andy Carroll to do so in a red Liverpool shirt. High pressure and expectations? Always.

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    holy shit cristiano is expensive. and those other players to real….HAHHHAHA. real madrid has serious money. $$$$$$$
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    How out of place does Andy Carroll look in the top 20 most expensive transfers? Top 20: Cristiano Ronaldo, Man Utd to...
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    ROFL. He’s more expensive than David Villa and Blackburn Rovers. He certainly made Fernando Torres’s price justifiable....
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