Every passing tournament brings a new kind of coverage.

I don’t know about you, but for me last night was not pretty. Striving for more football to sustain my Euro 2012 fix, I resorted to Beach Football, followed by futsal. Obviously, it just wasn’t the same. Actually, it got ugly. I know the (Beckham-less) Olympics will be here soon, but after Spain lifted yet another trophy I couldn’t help but look back on just how fantastic Euro 2012 was.

But beyond the drama on the pitch, it’s always fascinating to see how coverage on the internet progresses every time a major tournament comes around. In 2010, Twitter and Tumblr took to the World Cup. While both were still in full force, something refreshing popped up on YouTube: KickTV. Only a few months old, KickTV has been something that transcends the type of coverage found on ESPN and the BBC. It’s more intimate and interactive, and the ridiculous amount of all-access, yet fan-centric content is refreshing.

One of KickTV’s main presenters, the easy-going Jimmy Conrad (former United States Men’s National Team player and MLS All-Star), went to Poland and Ukraine to cover the tournament and take in “his first major sporting event as a fan.” The video posted above is a “Best Of” of his right of passage into fandom in Eastern Europe, which is unlike any coverage of a sporting event I’ve seen. I’m predicting big things for KickTV as they continue to grow, and I’ve subscribed to their channel to go along for the ride. [Posted by EB]

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    The best sport, the best fans. I need to get to a tournament one day (preferably the WC or the Euros) to experience all...
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    Every passing tournament brings a new kind of coverage. I don’t know about you, but for me last night was not pretty....
  8. thegreatclintdempsey said: I found KickTV about half way through the tournament. At first, I was stunned by the … I don’t know.. lack of professionalism. But watching more videos, it’s true, their content is refreshing. I’ve now subscribed as well.
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    As stated above, I’m genuinely fascinated...KICK TV project.
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