La Furia Roja vs. Gli Azzurri: Who’s ready for the final?

We have had a truly magnificent Euro 2012. Somehow, the stars aligned in Poland and Ukraine and we had a tournament filled with goals, tactics, and some of the the best football to be found, anywhere. But two nations are into the final, and rightfully so. Pirlo and Balotelli have made Italians proud of their national team once again. For Xavi, Iniesta, Iker, and the rest of the Spaniards, it’s essentially been business as usual. Tiki taka will be the main force at the final, but Italy will do everything in their power to avoid defeat against the Spanish.

Which side do you think will win Euro 2012?

  1. guysonthecouch2012 answered: Check out my superlatives for the Euro 2012
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  4. dontlethatersgetyoudown answered: i think spain will win and boy was i right on the money 4 to 0 SPAIN killed them
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  6. reinaldokennedy answered: spain
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  10. ablindeyeseesall answered: I actually think Italy will pull through. They gave Spain a tough 1st game when they weren’t too cohesive. I expect a better game today.
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  12. pinkcoloredsky answered: Spain
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  15. oh-you-beauty answered: Italia!
  16. bluemonochrome answered: SPAIN!
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  18. butterfelicity answered: spain!
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  21. quetamba answered: Spain, I hope so.
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    Gonna have a mild heart attack later on, most likely
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  25. queenofpowers answered: I’m rooting for Spain!
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  28. wavesofcompassion answered: I think Italy has everything it needs to stop the tick-i-tack
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