The AFR Podcast - Qatar or Avatar?

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The AFR House was rocking as we let out of all of our angst and emotion from the mad week that was in the world of football. Oliver Sparrow, Eric Beard, Darshan Joshi, and guest contributor Andrew Weber splashed out the elegiac prose this time around. Andrew is originally from Brisbane, but is living in Berlin and is the editor of and

We intentionally did not mention anything about El Clásico because words really cannot do justice to capture the quality in Barcelona’s win. However, we had plenty of choice words for FIFA and we tried to give a balanced analysis on Russia and Qatar, who will surely go on and host wonderful 2018 and 2022 World Cups. With Arsenal apt Andrew on hand we also did an in-depth analysis on the Gooners while breaking down Chelsea’s recent struggles on and off the pitch. And of course we jumped to defend the recently sacked Chris Hughton as he left the helm at Newcastle United. Oh, and doesn’t Qatar’s plan for 2022 remind you of the world of Avatar?

Beginning to 17:30 - World Cup Bid Reflection 
17:30 to 28:30 - A complete look at Arsenal 
29:00 to End - Inspecting the mini-crisis at Chelsea (and Everton), as well as Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley’s absurd decision to sack Chris Hughton.

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