Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta go around asking for autographs

Courtesy of fairly convincing acting skills, Iker and Andrés were able to strike sheer bewilderment into those walking down a typical street en España. Instead of being exposed to hundreds of fans begging for an autograph, the two Spain legends were the ones asking for autographs of the men and women they met in the latest Liga BBVA advest. The conversation between Casillas and the first woman he talks to provides the essence of the impalpable encounters these average fans experienced.

  • Iker asks, “Could you sign an autograph for me?”
  • The woman replies, “Me? But I’m not famous. You’re famous.”

The idea behind the footage is a sort of ‘Yes, I’m famous. But can’t I still adore you?’. And for fans, that is a brilliant concept. It’s also probably a dream, but you never know right? [Subscribe to AFR]

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