Landon Donovan returns to Everton. Some things you should know…

David Moyes’ Everton has been struggling to compete in the Premier League once again as the club is strapped for cash, but today Evertonians can smile because American Landon Donovan has agreed to go back to Goodison Park in what will be his second loan spell with the club. But Americans, Evertonians, before you get that highlight video from his last loan spell out or click here for some online betting…

  • Calm down, it’s only going to be a two-month loan… [Everton’s Website]
  • With the Toffees hurting in the bank account, Donovan won’t be breaking that bank with his compensation here. In short, he wanted the move. [The Shin Guardian]
  • It will be 11 matches in 52 days for Landon Donovan in his return to an Everton uniform. [Simon Borg breaks down the loan spell on]
  • He needs to be back with the LA Galaxy on March 6th for the club’s CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal against Toronto FC. [SB Nation]
  • This is after Spurs goalkeeper Brad Friedel said Donovan “chose to take the easy road and stay in the States” in a discussion on BBC radio about fellow American Clint Dempsey’s success with Fulham. [Dirty Tackle]
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