How to be cool

By Max Grieve

Here at AFR, we think we know what it takes to be cool – and you want in, don’t you? You want the rush of the relative joy of being cool, and know how it feels to have all kinds of goodness coursing through your veins. We won’t keep you from learning how to be cool like us – it isn’t fair, and it’s not cool, either. 

Real Oviedo are in trouble, and that’s certainly not cool. Twelve years after being relegated from La Liga, the club now find themselves in Spain’s third division, and dangerously close to collapse. The current economic climate has only served to amplify Oviedo’s financial difficulties – not cool – and the situation has seemingly reached its climax. Fail to act now, and Real Oviedo will simply disappear.

That’s where you come in. We’d argue that nothing’s cooler than helping, and part-owning a Spanish football club. For €11.50, you can buy one share in Real Oviedo. It’s not much, and you won’t make any money from it, but you’ll have helped to save a football club that serves a community and a region, and has a fascinating place in Spanish football history. And we think that’s pretty cool.

If you’d like to purchase shares in Real Oviedo, head on over to ‘DNI’ means identity card number. You can enter your passport number or leave it blank. ‘Nombre y apellido’ means name and surname – this you must enter. Keep your receipt. That is your proof of share purchase. If paying via PayPal, you can switch the language by selecting your current country from the options at the top of the page.

We’ll update this page with any further information as it is released.