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Before kickoff, you can find the best in the world here, perfecting every detail of their game. Every freekick. Every dribble. They’ll be ready to counter any attack, and they’ll know where to where to move to find that extra inch of space.

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A Footballer’s Essentials
Gerrard can’t leave the dressing room without his armband. Zizou hit the pitch in his iconic golden boots. With a minimalist approach, illustrator TheLimeBath captures the essentials that the world’s best footballers need to control the game.
Find more of The Lime Bath’s work here. Posted by Eric.

A Footballer’s Essentials

Gerrard can’t leave the dressing room without his armband. Zizou hit the pitch in his iconic golden boots. With a minimalist approach, illustrator TheLimeBath captures the essentials that the world’s best footballers need to control the game.

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The 2014 World Cup’s First Threads

adidas was the first to release their home kits to be used next summer in Brazil. Your thoughts?

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The Science behind the adidas Nitrocharge

By Thomas Ang (@FootballNovel)

A new range of football boots called the Nitrocharge has been released by adidas, and its colours are already turning heads on pitches and television screens everywhere. But the bright yellow EnergySling (across the top of the shoe) and EnergyPulse (the zig-zig on the bottom) are there for more than just aesthetic purposes.

According to our secondary school physics and physical education lessons, these two key innovations should help match performance as advertised, and might even have benefits beyond.

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Team Messi hits the pitch.

Okay, you’re the latest member to join Team Messi… Your face appears on the news, displayed on skyscrapers and you even get a mural painted by someone without your permission. You’re just a step away from being a meme sensation. You’ve become part of a movement, one which plays the Messi Way. So when you’re on field, how do you beat a player without the help of Xavi or Iniesta?

Stepping their game up a level with their talisman Leo Messi and his first signature adizero f50 boot, adidas have now created an innovative 3D digital video that uses your Facebook details creating a personalised experience. The music is fresh, the technology is clever, and you get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the shoes of the boy from Rosario.

Getting nostalgic and embracing the present: Best of football boots

The original Vapors. The Puma King. The adi Preds. All bring back memories of fitter days and more spritely spirits. As our friend Bryan Byrne points out, "over the years, there have seen hundreds of different releases that cater to different player types, some featuring technology and others relying on comfort and basic performance." He decided to compile a list of the top 25 boots in football history. The only things missing are my old Kelmes, so I want to open this up: what are the best boots you’ve ever owned?

AFR x adidas x You. Designing Lionel Messi.

Leo Messi needs you (or your more artistic friend) to design his next pair of adidas football boots, which he’ll wear during a match in December. WAIT. Read that last sentence again to make sure we’re on the same page. You can create a unique pair of adidas adizero f50s (just like ours, above) for Messi by visiting the new "miadidas configurator" here and submitting a design with various colour schemes and personal touches.

But you don’t really want to hear us go on and on about this, do you? Alright, we’ll turn this over to our favourite #10. Messi said: “In football, you express yourself with your feet, which is why I like to feel like I have a connection to my adizero f50s. Knowing that your boots are unique makes you feel special and makes you play with more confidence. I’m excited to see the designs that my fans create for me on the miadidas configurator and I look forward to playing in them.” 

Want more info? Head to facebook.com/adidasfootball or @adidasfootball (use the #miadidas hashtag to join the conversation), or even ask us @afootballreport. These boots make their debut this weekend, and the likes of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and AC Milan’s Riccardo Montolivo will be hitting the pitch with their own customised boots. [posted by Dominic and Eric]

A slow-motion slow clap for the fans of Euro 2012

These past few weeks have given us plenty of reasons to argue with our friends or that guy that’s 20 years older than everyone else at your pub that EURO 2012 could be the best tournament around. But here we are with one game left. Everyone backed the Spanish. No one really gave Italy a chance. The hosts have had a fair bit of controversy, but the non-racist fans cheered on their teams admirably. This particular video found at Adidas’ new Tumblr focuses on the fans who watched the Germany-Greece quarterfinal, capturing the emotions in the best way: super slow-motion.

A history of perfectionism meeting innovation: uncovering the new adidas Predator Lethal Zones

AFR, alongside a selection of top bloggers, participated in the exclusive launch of the boots on the 1st of May in Manchester. Dominic Vieira enjoyed the privilege testing the Predator Lethal Zones displaying Portuguese flair which certainly impressed the beloved Kickette, alongside meeting the brains behind the project and watching Nani, Cleverley and Dzeko #unleash their skills. Perhaps the most interesting part of the event was speaking with Aubrey Dolan, adidas’s tireless designer in charge of the entire Lethal Zones project.

They fit like a glove. I could dribble like Nani, I curled Xavi-esque passes like my midfield idol and fired sweet shots with Van Persie ferocity. After taking my first strike, I knew my feet were blessed with a special pair of boots and it was matter of seconds before I blasted another ball. Unfortunately, Alex Ferguson was not present to find that missing midfield sensation he’s desperately looking to sign.

I was wearing Predators once again; it had been a while and they were no longer crowned with that trademark red tongue. Adidas’s innovation was on show once more, as they designed a shoe containing five distinctive ‘Lethal Zones’ which deliver the ultimate control, touch, accuracy, power and skill. 

Their bright blue and infra-red colour captured my eye the moment I unzipped the bag, the new face of Predator will become an iconic pair. The transition in colour, which developed from last year’s AdiPower, demonstrates innovation and responsiveness to the modern football culture. Once more the Predators, which have become a strong reference in football since their inception in 1994, had evolved.

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