What does ‘més que un club’ mean?

In theory, ‘more than a club’ means feelings, it means a political idea of freedom and passion… for football, right?

At a time where politics and more importantly, Independència, is buzzing throughout the rambling state of Catalunya - FC Barcelona’s voice in the movement is long established. When Camp Nou makes a statement, people listen. Spanish football expert Sid Lowe explores FC Barcelona’s involvement in such a delicate and important issue - one which can completely transform Spain.

The journalist interviews a series of politicians, former and current board FC Barcelona members. In particularly, he underlines Joan Laporta’s role, the club’s former President and now an upcoming figure in Catalan politics.

"The Catalans had two options. Either do nothing and continue as we were… Or the option that has never been tried, which is to give as a solution the process for the independence of Catalonia."

FC Barcelona is a football club, although they are more than a club, or as they like to express it: ‘més que un club’. However, despite their involvement in Catalan politics, which is certainly pioneered through their board directors and passionate fans - the club must be careful, they can’t be used as a political engineer.

And as Cruyff states, "their attitude is one of the most improtant things - and sometimes it’s a battle."

The next weeks and months will be crucial in Catalonia’s fight for independence, and Barça too will be greatly affected - on or off the field; but it’s important to remember they are neither the protagonist nor the leader.

[This short documentary was first posted on the Guardian, by Sid Lowe - Posted by Dominic]