Getting nostalgic and embracing the present: Best of football boots

The original Vapors. The Puma King. The adi Preds. All bring back memories of fitter days and more spritely spirits. As our friend Bryan Byrne points out, "over the years, there have seen hundreds of different releases that cater to different player types, some featuring technology and others relying on comfort and basic performance." He decided to compile a list of the top 25 boots in football history. The only things missing are my old Kelmes, so I want to open this up: what are the best boots you’ve ever owned?

Kicks, Kicks, Kicks

No, they’re not for sale. *hint hint nudge nudge, Nike* Actually, Nike doesn’t even sponsor most of these clubs, but nevertheless the idea of owning such imposing FC Barcelona or Inter Milan Nike Dunks is far too mouthwatering.

[Submitted by Marry Van Jogo at WeHeartIt]

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