"An Ode to Football" by Musa Okwonga

Commemorating its 150th anniversary, The FA reached out to our friend Musa Okwonga to create a poem that captures England’s love for the game, from a grassroots level to the top flight, embracing the emotions experienced by football fans around the country. Joining Musa in the poem are the likes of Arsene Wenger, Theo Walcott, Dizzee Rascal, and Steven Gerrard. Not bad company to keep.

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"Cantona’s Collar", written and performed by Musa Okwonga

I’m everywhere that Eric is -
His shirts, I crown -
And, like excessive volume,
Some would turn me down.

I’m white iron, defiant from my toes to tip,
Yes, I am France’s most famous cliff
And Eric’s two-point plan for winning a derby 
Is: number one, lace boots; then, two:
Starch me.

I’ve seen umpteen glorious battle-scenes;
Look, I am football’s Bayeux Tapestry -
And for those who say of me “whoa, he’s arrogant”
I have two words:
"Trophy cabinet."

Filmed by Jon D Barker. Football x Poetry x King Cantona. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Euro 2012 Poem…

"German dominance came undone, as Balotelli showed his good side. The Italians were grateful to see his Jekyll, and not his Mr. Hyde."

Remember when Spencer Owen brought us the Premier League poem to review the 2011/12 season? Well, he’s back to address the drama that unfolded in Ukraine and Poland. [AFR - Twitter/Facebook]

The 2011/12 Premier League poem…

Comedian (and AFR reader) Spencer Owen sent his brilliant “Premier League poem" our way. The poem reflects on all the madness that unveiled itself over the past nine months. With lines like, "Wigan learned the Premier League is no bed of roses. They survived thanks to the 11th commandment: Thou shalt not sell Moses" we tip our hat to you, Spencer. [posted by EB, Get Involved]

World Cup kick-off - not long now!

By Oliver Sparrow, writing from London

One more sleep ‘til it’s finally here,

Flags will wave and crowds will cheer,

England will gorge on barbeques and beer,

It’s the wonder of the great World Cup.

A few small hours ‘til the party starts,

There’ll be grown men roaring with all their hearts,

Wives and girlfriends and trophy tarts,

Supporting their boys at the great World Cup.

A matter of minutes ‘til the posturing stops,

Fabio can relent from busting their chops,

and go tell his lads to pull up their socks,

To go and fight for the great World Cup.

Just a few seconds ‘til we’re underway,

Bafana-Bafana and the Mexican wave,

There’ll be sizzling shots and stunning saves,

We can’t wait for the great World Cup.

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