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There are fans. There are supporters. Then, there’s something else. George Quraishi of Howler Magazine took a trip to Greece to find what happens when passion overflows and the consequences are felt across the country. His first stop? The Derby of Eternal Enemies: Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos. He went into the stadiums where games were forced to stop and clubhouses where everything is meant to be off the record. It’s the first episode of a new series from Howler and KICKTV, and we like what we see. [Posted by Eric]

Stop Motion: Derby of Eternal Enemies

Using over 2000 photos from the Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos earlier this month, Tourette Design found a fresh way to revisit this Greek clasico. Condensing a match into 3 minute highlights is one thing, but choosing a select number of particular frames to show at a time is another. Somehow, the game’s atmosphere, along with its storyline, are captured by this well-curated streak of photos. Known as the Derby of Eternal Enemies, this particular match ended without a winner. The heat of the rivalry will certainly cause fans to boil in the near future, but these 2124 photos leave a plot that is difficult to recreate. [Posted by Eric]

Europa League: Panathinaikos take on Standard Liege!

By Lawrence Prince-Wright

The crucial last 16 leg of the Europa League has dawned upon us, promising both intense football and nerve-racking tension for football lovers around the world. This seasons last 16 teams have it all, from lowly clubs desperately trying to make a name for themselves in Europe to the European giants who won’t stop at much to get their hands on the silverware.  Personally I believe this seasons Europa League gives the teams who have lagged way behind in their domestic campaigns (cough, cough Liverpool)  a chance to convey to frustrated fans that they’ve still got that fighting spirit; although there won’t be any titles won at home there still is a chance of winning one abroad. Realistically speaking mangers must and, well don’t have much choice other than to only focus on one achievement.

That being said, there are of course exceptions to this rule and (surprise, surprise) Sir Alex is one of them. If you happen to be blessed by the likes of the ‘White Pele’ or Drogba by all means aim to achieve a vast number of targets but for the majority of football managers, I’m talking about the ones which haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon a prodigy, one attainable task to show off to fans is enough and, well to be honest, keeps you from getting sacked! This, therefore, highlights the importance of the last 16 leg of the Europa League; it gives teams that don’t go for much domestically a chance to prove their might abroad. It’s in Liverpool’s best interest to progress in this competition, well, unless they want to end their 2009-10 season on a very low note. Likewise, the same can be said for Lille, Standard Liege, and Atlético Madrid. On the contrary however, teams like Panathinaikos, Benfica and Olympique de Marseille do have a shot at something other than the Europa League; Panathinaikos for example do have a realistic chance of winning the Super League this season consequently putting an end to Olympiacos’ champion regime.

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Greek Super League Wrap Up!

By Lawrence Prince-Wright

Once again another exciting week for Greek football has drawn to a close with Panathiniakos celebrating their 8th away win over home team Panionios by two goals to nil. Djibril Cisse continued to demonstrate his worth to fans by carrying on in top form after scoring the only and most important two goals in the games; consequently placing the Green Giants top of the league just two points ahead of former league champions Olympiakos. Although a good win for the ‘Thrylos’ the game was open to much controversy after referee Kalopoulos awarded a 21st minute penalty kick against the home side after Ninis was allegedly fouled inside the home team’s box.

Personally, however, after viewing the replay a number of times, I cannot help but to question the validity of Kalopoulos’s decision; from the angle I saw Ninis fall at it seemed that he was hardly touched by Kontoes. In other games former league titans Olympiakos managed to defeat Atromitos 2-0, with Englishman Matt Derbyshire opening the score line in the 18th minute. Further defending blunders by the away side in the 94th minute gave enough space for Kostas Mitroglou to hit a wonder shot from well outside the 18 yard box, after goalkeeper Mihalidis came too far outfield. A.E.K. still battling for one of the top three spots in the Super League aided their endeavours through an impressive scissor kick by Tsibour allowing the ‘doubled headed eagle’ a 1 goal win against Erogtelis.

Sports News - March 01, 2010

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Lawrence Prince-Wright’s “The Classy Cockney Connection: The Day of the Sensational Substitutes…”

By Lawrence Prince-Wright

My apologies for such a late commentary on what may seem like a game played quite a bit ago. But superb victories, in the hearts of fans, last for an eternity. The celebration and boasting will go on until, well, the fans have been proven otherwise! Last Thursday’s game (18-02-10), for Panathiniakos at least, proved to be such a day. The outstanding 3-2 home victory against AS Roma, proved vital in Panathinaikos’s shaky Europa League campaign. The home victory encouraged fans to flock into the streets of central Athens chanting songs such as ‘Pantha mou glykia’ and ‘thryle ole ole’.

With all the commotion present one may have thought something bigger was at stake; and how very right they would have been! After all it is the beginning of the most nail biting part of the Europa League, the group stages are done and now we find ourselves anticipating the results of the last-32 standoff. Last Thursday’s result proved the importance of this phase in the competition, the relief of the home victory gave Pantha, in essence, a sort of firm ground to regain their bearings after having a somewhat wobbly start to the competition. Failure to qualify for the Champions League this season was understandably upsetting for the team and fans alike, however the progress in the Europa League has compensated for earlier disappointments. Maybe this year Pantha will end their 32-year drought of international cups?

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