Our friends at 3nil are finally paying homage to one of the greatest strikers of all time.

That striker is Ronaldo. The original. O Fenomeno. Featuring his beloved Brazil’s yellow and green, this poster captures the spirit of a true legend of our beautiful game.

Don’t wait to snap this up, you never know when a great poacher is around the corner. 

R9: Pra Sempre Fenomeno

As the career of one legend sets, the career of another is about to explode. There will never be another quite like O Fenomeno, but even after is playing days are over (no, scoring in a Match Against Poverty does not count as your career living on) the man continues to be a class act. On twitter earlier today, Ronaldo was praising Messi and giving advice to Neymar, who we need to remember is still only 19 years old. Ronaldo’s body has taken a beating, but his mind and his character remain as vibrant as ever. 

Paying tribute to the player in June, he was able to make a 15-minute appearance versus Romania as a last chance to capture some of the irreplaceable nationalistic pride and excitement that comes with pulling on the iconic yellow kit, which was captured through a short film that includes the striker’s own thoughts and some appearances from Brazil’s new crop of superstars.

The Ronaldo and a History Lesson. A Four Hour History Lesson.

Pelé may have given Neymar his blessing to become the next great thing for Brazil, but no one will ever be quite like Ronaldo. O Fenomeno’s power, pace, and unadulterated flair is enough to set him apart, but how well do you really know the #9? The weekend is here and perhaps it’s time to learn the art of one of the best strikers to ever play the game. Mind you, this lesson will not be a quick one. No, the essence of Ronaldo cannot be captured in a 4 minute YouTube video. It can, however, be more or less captured by a 4 hour YouTube video. And that’s exactly what we have on our hands for you. Enjoy, joga bonito-ers.

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