Rebuilding the Liverpool mosaic: Brendan Rodgers on the brink

By Matthew Dunne-Miles

It’s early August and Brendan Rodgers stands outside the Anfield locker room. Nervously he grabs the door handle, takes a deep breath and opens it with trepidation, ready to dazzle the team with some Socrates in order to prepare them for a season without European football. 

As the door creaks open and he steps inside, a tumbleweed slowly rolls past his feet; there is deafening silence occasionally disrupted by the drip, drip, drip of a loose shower faucet somewhere in the distance. 

'Is…is anybody there?' Rodgers enquires, his accent, concocted from bits of Sean Connery, Gerry Adams and the Go Compare man, echoes off the changing room walls.

He makes his way over to Jamie Carragher’s empty locker through a sea of dry ice, whilst vibrato guitar begins to play in the background. Rodgers presses his hands and face against the cold steel door and closes his eyes. 

'Et tu Carra?' he whispers before looking down and spotting a note addressed to ‘The Gaffer’ on the bench below. He carefully unfolds it, reads the words he never wished to see and puts his head in his hands as the note drops into the mist below in slow motion. 

'To Brendan, we've left. Sincerely, all your talent'

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A new beginning for Liverpool?

Today Liverpool may have put in the most impressive performance we’ve seen this season. After being thrown aside at Anfield by West Brom, there were plenty of questions surrounding Brendan Rogers’ project. While we can’t speak to what Brendan may have said in the dressing room after the match on Monday, something clicked today, and it didn’t leave a trace of evidence that it was a fluke.

Phillippe Coutinho’s first Liverpool start sparked new life into the squad, and while a spot in Europe may be a reach at this point in the season, can we expect Gerrard, Suarez, and company to continue to improve? Consistency has been a real issue, especially when you consider that this was Liverpool’s first Premier League win against an opponent in the top half of the table. Where do you think Liverpool will be sitting in mid-May?

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