Long hours make Timeless: The new Live Breathe Futbol Collection

Always appreciative of the struggle an artist forgoes with the hopes of creating something special, we have to give it to Ebun Olaloye and Dominic Cucinotta for what they have accomplished. Working independently and sacrificing countless nights of sleep only to let footy fans look so good. It’s an admirable thing, and certainly comes with its rewards. Between the Cruijff hoody and the Skipper’s crewneck, we’re hooked.

Check the whole Fall/Winter 2012 collection¬†here and support the youngest, brightest, and most driven entrepreneurs and their Alexis Sanchez look-a-like in the (beautiful) game. In a world with oil-tycoons taking over the world’s best clubs, we’re always happy to see a little authenticity.¬†[Posted by Eric]