FC Porto and Joana Vasconcelos put tradition first

FC Porto considers itself to be one of the most distinguished ambassadors of Portugal in the world. Another great Portuguese ambassador is the great artist Joana Vasconcelos. Naturally, the two teamed up on a typical Portuguese boat, called a ”Trafaria Beach”, to showcase Porto’s new kits for the 2013/14 season.

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Imagining the Iberian Championship: Castilla conquers Group B

By Dermot Corrigan, writing from Madrid.

The tournament: Introduction and Group Draw. Group A.

Group B began with Castilla, Euskadi, Cantabria y Asturias Las Islas Unidas all confident they were in with a chance of making the final four, although the bookies had Míchel’s centralistas and Unai Emery’s Basques as clear favourites to claim the two qualifying places on offer.

As the Bernabéu was unavailable due to repairs to its non-alcoholic beer taps, and a Keane concert at the Calderón, the footballing aristocrats of Castilla were forced to begin their campaign at home to Las Islas Unidas at the less majestic surroundings of Estadio Vallecas.

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Imagining the Iberian Championship: Catalunya claims Group A

By Dermot Corrigan, imagining in Madrid

When the Iberian Championships was first mooted (last month, here on A Football Report), there was some skepticism in Spain as to the concept’s viability, given the tightness of the club schedule, rivalries between different footballing authorities with competing jurisdictions, the logistical challenges involved, fraught political atmosphere etc. But due to the diligence and far-sightedness of those involved in the project, and the generosity of a certain gulf-oil-money fuelled TV broadcaster looking to break into vital European markets, the first round of games is now taking place during this week’s international break.

As is customary in Iberia, the draw was organised to give the better supported teams the best possible chance of progressing, with the top four ranked sides - Castilla, Catalunya, Euskadi and Valéncia - securing home advantage for two of their three group games. Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque did the honours at the neutral territory of the Andorran FA HQ, with the coaches and captains of all eight teams showing up for the event, along with a healthy smattering of regional political dignitaries and cultural figures. There was a surprisingly positive mood of friendship and fraternity among all involved, especially with the first tranches of TV money being delivered up front.

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Spain vs Portugal: The Iberian War

Posted by Dominic Vieira

It’s not often we see a match between the neighbouring Portugal and Spain. The last time the two sides played was 6 years ago in the Euro 2004. They both needed to win the final group stage to qualify for the quarter-finals. Portugal won 1-0 thanks to a Nuno Gomes strike.

There is a social, cultural and historical rivalry between the countries and neither of them wants to lose. Despite both nations co-operating well over the past years and becoming close allies, that relationship will be non-existent tomorrow. The football rivalry between the two may not be at the same level as a Germany v England or Argentina v Brazil, but it is still an intense derby. Their pride and reputation is on the line and a defeat will be a huge blow to either side. 

Spain vs Portugal is match which must be watched!

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