100 faces, 100 talents, 100 names to remember

Our friends over at IBWM have launched their annual 100 - an analysis on their thorough selection of 100 youth players from across the globe.

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The players have grown, unless they haven’t. The 100 returns.

Expansive. Insightful. As good as you remember. For the second year running, our friends at IBWM have released their signature ‘The 100’ list. It’s a selected study of football’s most talented and brightest prospects. All are born after the 1st of January 1990, ranging from Jack Wilshere to Atletico Madrid’s Courtois to Brazilian born Lucas Moura.

The 100 has been compiled by the IBWM team, writing over 100,000 words, scouting all players in action, receiving insights from several football experts and incorporating stats from Opta. Once again, it’s a grand piece of work.

And without further ado, here’s to the 100! [Posted by Dom]

IBWM: The First Two Years

Football vividly captured, illustrated and written in gold.

In Bed With Maradona (IBWM), is certainly not your average football site, nor are they only obsessed about ‘El Pibe’ or the Brazilian midfield maestro Sócrates. They’re leaders in a growing direction of a football writing that transcends time, which we often like to call ‘philosofooty’. IBWM explores the cultural heart of the game, extracting stories that are unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Since our own inception, we have worked with the passionate writers and artists who contribute at IBWM, bouncing off one another as recurring references for innovative ideas. Like Ronaldinho, they’ve hit a high bar time and time again, and now they have released the IBWM book.

The book’s format features a strict selection of their best articles from their first two years, 26 to be precise. Alongside these great reads and discoveries of football, which includes writing from Iain Macintosh, Jack Lang and Chris Nee, amongst others. IBWM also showcases snippets of their finest photography, design and artwork from an array of talents. Dan Leydon, Steve Walsh and Daniel Nyari are a few names whose creativity adds a touch of eloquence to this expansive book.

IBWM: The First Two Years can be purchased from through the publisher Ockley Books, which is run by IBWM co-editor (and top bloke), David Hartrick.

[IBWM: The First Two Years is an essental book for your shelves - Posted by Dominic]

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