Creating an Unbuilt Stadium

Stadium mock-ups flood the Internet, and we open every one with open arms. But how do the images actually come to life? In an assignment to build a mock-up of an Inter x Gremio Stadium, we see the step-by-step mix of 3d, photoshop, and photography to go from a bare outline to a booming event filled with 80,000 fans. See the full Case Study from abuzeedo here. [Posted by Eric]

A Fitting Farewell to Grêmio’s Olímpico Monumental

With the 2014 World Cup creeping up on us, Brazil is in the process of sweeping out the old and bringing in the new. This past weekend, one of South America’s most iconic stadiums, the Olímpico Monumental in Porto Alegre, held its last match for Grêmio since opening in 1954. The oh so modern Grêmio Arena looks as sleek as can be, but there’s nothing like the character that history gives to an old Brazilian place of worship.

Featuring Danrle and Jardel, (part of the Copa Libertadores-winning team in 1995) and Hugo de León (1983 Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup winner), this video shows just what a special place the 45,000 seat Olímpico Monumental was, and why Grêmio fans won’t be forgetting it any time soon. [Posted by Eric]

Ronaldinho Set for Milan Exit

By Shanna Murady, writing from Jakarta

Following our previous post on Ronaldinho’s fate in Milan this season:

Milan coach Massimo Allegri has confirmed to Sky Sports Italia that the football superstar is set to leave for his former club Gremio this January:

“We are waiting for his departure to become official,” Allegri told Sky Italia.

“Maybe there was a lack of willingness on his part. I was convinced that Ronaldinho could have a great season. He started well, with a balanced side, but then everyone has to take their own responsibility.”

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Football Rivalries in Brazil

By Fernando Sell

Brazil is a nation with a fierce and historic rivalry between clubs. However, the characteristics of the rivalries are different in comparison to European ones.

As Brazil is a huge country that is composed of many states, it is rare to see a heated rivalry between two teams from different states.

The most intense rivalries are those between clubs of the same state; this mainly happens in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The rivalries are primarily stimulated through state championships, also through the league known as O Brasileirão and the Brazilian Cup. When two rival teams play against each other the match is known as a derby and teams can play against each other 6 or more times in one year.

Grêmio vs Internacional

Grêmio and Internacional are fierce rival clubs from Porto Alegre, the capital city of the state Rio Grande do Sul. The state is practically divided in half by the clubs, half the state is painted blue and the other red. The historic derby between the two sides is known as the Gre-Nal.

Many players have played against each in the Gre-Nal, but one of the greatest player vs player moments was between Ronaldinho (Grêmio) and Dunga (Internacional). In one of the derbies, Ronaldinho destroyed Dunga with his tricks and flicks, and the Brazilian superstar scored a beautiful chip in the game.

This particular state championship in which the two teams compete for is called “Campeonato Gaúcho.” In 2009 Internacional were the winners, with arch rivals Grêmio finishing in second. Inter have won the competition 39 times and Grêmio 35 times.

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