Meet Angelo Trofa, the visionary behind ‘Football Strip Concept Designs’

"The outcome of a geeky obsession that I probably should have grown out of at 15."

From 9 til 5 Angelo Trofa is a designer and in-house illustrator at Mr Porter, an online retail destination dedicated to men’s style. When he’s not at work, Angelo likes to spend his time designing football kits, which led to the birth of the e-magazine Football Strip Concept Designs, which has just released its third volume.

Angelo, like all of us here at AFR is a passionate football fan. Although residing in England, his Italian background and admiration for Baggio made him a big Inter Milan supporter - who are also very slick when it comes to kit designs.

Following the release of his latest work, we were able to catch up with Angelo.

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Where Is Football: Ηράκλειο

The stands read: “Like the old times Iraklio, like the old times, in a national league I want to see you and get crazy”

AFR Supporter Theodoros Dedes spent the days of his summer enthralled in an amateur league that would play throughout the week in Greece. The club is called Iraklio (Ηράκλειο), which is a northern suburb of Athens, and spends evenings playing in the first amateur league of Athens. Ηράκλειο, we want to see you in a national league, getting crazy.

If you want to get involved in the #WhereIsFootball project, read this or just tag your Twitter and Instagram photos #whereisfootball. And follow us here.

It’s VICE meets Bourdain and a Ball. It’s the Football Vagabond.

There are fans. There are supporters. Then, there’s something else. George Quraishi of Howler Magazine took a trip to Greece to find what happens when passion overflows and the consequences are felt across the country. His first stop? The Derby of Eternal Enemies: Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos. He went into the stadiums where games were forced to stop and clubhouses where everything is meant to be off the record. It’s the first episode of a new series from Howler and KICKTV, and we like what we see. [Posted by Eric]

Stop Motion: Derby of Eternal Enemies

Using over 2000 photos from the Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos earlier this month, Tourette Design found a fresh way to revisit this Greek clasico. Condensing a match into 3 minute highlights is one thing, but choosing a select number of particular frames to show at a time is another. Somehow, the game’s atmosphere, along with its storyline, are captured by this well-curated streak of photos. Known as the Derby of Eternal Enemies, this particular match ended without a winner. The heat of the rivalry will certainly cause fans to boil in the near future, but these 2124 photos leave a plot that is difficult to recreate. [Posted by Eric]

A slow-motion slow clap for the fans of Euro 2012

These past few weeks have given us plenty of reasons to argue with our friends or that guy that’s 20 years older than everyone else at your pub that EURO 2012 could be the best tournament around. But here we are with one game left. Everyone backed the Spanish. No one really gave Italy a chance. The hosts have had a fair bit of controversy, but the non-racist fans cheered on their teams admirably. This particular video found at Adidas’ new Tumblr focuses on the fans who watched the Germany-Greece quarterfinal, capturing the emotions in the best way: super slow-motion.

Acropolis Now

By Max Grieve

Angela Merkel frowned, probably. Here was Giorgos Karagounis, a Greek man with a Greek name, taking the plaudits for something that they had both done; though not together. The Germans have kept the Greek economy alive - just - but it was Karagounis who bailed out the Greeks against Russia on Saturday.

Whoever Germany’s quarter-final opponent was going to be, there would always be darker clouds hanging over the match. Many had thought that Germany would face Poland, which would have had commentators the world over reaching for their 20th century history tomes, flicking through the pages that covered the Second World War. Alternatively, a meeting with the Russians might have awaited the Germans on the 22nd of June, on the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. Such has been Germany’s role in the shaping of modern Europe, it would come as little surprise for them to face any side at these European Championships and have it deemed as a grudge match of sorts. 

What few expected was that the animosity that they shared with their quarter-final opponent would be derived from something far more recent than a rivalry from the World Wars. Rather, we are presented with a match with an immediate political, and indeed economic, history. The meeting between Greece and Germany will, in all likelihood, mean little else to the Germans than another inconvenience to their divine demolition of the European international football scene. They are amongst the favourites, if indeed they don’t stand alone at the top of such an esteemed pile. Greece, meanwhile, reside at the other end of the spectrum – yet here we are.

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Greek fans go mental after the signing of Riera.

Given that World Cup winner Rivaldo was playing for Olympiacos not that long ago, it was a strange sight to see such celebration over the signing of a player as low-profile as Albert Riera. Imagine what they’d be like if they ever managed to sign Messi.

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World Cup: Match Day 2

By Oliver Sparrow, writing from London

South Korea 2 – 0 Greece

This inauspicious-sounding game was matched by the sparse crowds. There were many empty seats to be seen and the atmosphere was noticeably more subdued than any of the other games so far. That being said, it was entertaining enough.

Greece looked all at sea throughout the 90 minutes. They don’t have enough quality in any area of the pitch to make it through the group stages. It’s a wonder they’re even at the World Cup when teams like Croatia and Czech Republic missed out.

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Group B: God has a hand in this.

Group B should be easy to call. The winner should be obvious to decide, surely a great draw for a great nation.

But, apparently not. Argentina should be odds on favorites for this one, with the likes of Messi, Aguero etc. but they’re not. For this surprise openness and unexpected puzzlement we have only one man to thank. El Diego strikes again.

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