"Cantona’s Collar", written and performed by Musa Okwonga

I’m everywhere that Eric is -
His shirts, I crown -
And, like excessive volume,
Some would turn me down.

I’m white iron, defiant from my toes to tip,
Yes, I am France’s most famous cliff
And Eric’s two-point plan for winning a derby 
Is: number one, lace boots; then, two:
Starch me.

I’ve seen umpteen glorious battle-scenes;
Look, I am football’s Bayeux Tapestry -
And for those who say of me “whoa, he’s arrogant”
I have two words:
"Trophy cabinet."

Filmed by Jon D Barker. Football x Poetry x King Cantona. It’s a beautiful thing.

AFR Podcast - An Hour of ‘Banter’

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The AFR House was rocking once again, although this time around we couldn’t manage to get any of our female writers to join in on the pod. But regardless, we’re not raging sexists, so we still managed to have intelligent conversations on the most pressing topics in the beautiful game.

AFR was lucky to be joined once again by Andrew Weber of ArsenalFCBlog.com & FootballNomad.com in Berlin. In addition, we had a second guest for this podcast, Mr. Cathal Breathnach of football-Corner.org in Dublin. AFR’s Ulysse Pasquier (Montreal) and Eric Beard (Barcelona) also contributed to the discussion while king Oliver Sparrow (London) kept us in check while professing his love for Eric Cantona. 5 contributors, 5 countries. You love it!

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A musical tribute to Yann “Eric Cantona” Kermorgant

An important thing for any footballer around the world that is not named Zidane or Eric Cantona to know is that you don’t act cheeky when millions of pounds are on the line. Apparently Yann Kermorgant never learned that lesson, as his failed attempt of a chip in the match’s decisive penalty kick was the reason Leicester City crashed out of England’s Championship promotion playoffs. The shot was easily saved by Cardiff City keeper David Marshall and Cardiff went on to win the shoot-out 4-3. Kermorgant now has learned his lesson. One might even say that he has had a “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Just watch the video… I promise that it will making your day, and even your weekend.

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