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Since AFR last loosened up its larynx, there was a series of high profile exits from the football juggernaut. Pulling his ripcord first was David Beckham, who looks set for a safe and particularly well-paid landing in France. Next up was Roberto Di Matteo and Mark Hughes – both unceremoniously ejected from West London into no man’s land. As you’ll hear, Rafa Benitez shouldn’t get comfortable with his in-flight movies just yet either as we wonder whether dastardly Roman Abramovich is determined to drive Chelsea into the ground.

We locate the black box and disassemble all that madness before giving a whole new set of fresh football baggage a considerable shake-down – will LA Galaxy’s MLS Cup success mark the swansong for Landon Donovan? Is it possible to apply the term crisis to half the Premier League’s teams? And, will Arsene Wenger always remain the perpetual bridesmaid of football? We’ll also cover the AFC Wimbledon-MK Dons show down, hopscotch across the big European Leagues and reveal why you must not, under any circumstances, invite Manchester City’s Aleksandar Kolarov over for Christmas.

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Doing justice to men who should be in the spotlight: Roberto Di Matteo

By Eric Beard

Despite what the tabloids may tell you, Roberto Di Matteo is the manager for West Bromwich Albion. However, he isn’t all that different from Man City manager Roberto Mancini. Both played for Italy (Di Matteo: 44 caps. Mancini: 36). Both played for Lazio for a solid three seasons. And, perhaps most importantly, both played in England at the end of their careers, although Mancini made just 4 caps with Leicester City while Di Matteo made over 100 for Chelsea. Mancini may make the headlines (even when he isn’t remotely connected with a story), but Di Matteo is the sometimes scarf-wearing manager who actually knows the English brand of calcio.

Not only did Di Matteo get the Baggies promoted from the Championship in his first season in charge as manager, but he’s also taken to the English attacking mentality rather than a typical defensive mindset found in Serie A. However, Di Matteo’s fondness for the English game is not without the flair and finesse from the land of Gli Azzurri. West Brom don’t just work hard, they look good while doing so.

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