20 Years of Arsenal

There was no better way to finish the season. The trophy drought came to a close, and London turned red for a weekend that millions of Gooners will remember. Arsené lifted the cup once again, and the professor will carry on at the club that he’s built in the 21st century.

However, there was one era that came to a close. For 20 years, Arsenal have been sponsored by Nike. But the FA Cup final was the last match of the Gunners representing the swoosh. To celebrate the partnership with a touch of nostalgia, Nike are releasing a limited edition kit that takes aspects of some of the most iconic designs from the past two decades.

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The Brasil 2014 Collection by Wong Wong x Aloye

Only 8 countries have ever won the World Cup, a tournament that is about to turn 85 years old. Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Uruguay. 

To celebrate the champions, Aloye and Wong Wong have teamed up to create a series of kits for this summer’s upcoming World Cup. In addition to the 8 champions, homes of Aloye (Japan) and Wong Wong (United States) are represented in the lineup. If a nation has hoisted the cup, their shirt features chest pockets with stars embroidered above them, signifying the number of titles each respective country has won. Check out the full collection here.

The ball is rolling: Brasil 2014 animation by Kike Prieto
The World Cup is fast approaching, and with it, the potential for players to display their innovation and ingenuity on the pitch in view of the entire globe. That said, it also gives those outside the game the perfect opportunity to display their creative spark, like with this motion graphic created by Hermosillo-based designer, Kike Prieto. Distilling the spirit of Brazil’s World Cup in a few quick frames, Kikie’s work is gorgeous, and we’re looking forward to his next creative display. [Words by Maxi]

The ball is rolling: Brasil 2014 animation by Kike Prieto

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The LPFC Project by James Taylor

Every player has a different style, and graphic designer James Taylor decided to draw up those styles in the context of music.

LP stands for Long Play (i.e. vinyl records), and these album covers capture the greats in all their glory, from the Roger Milla Dance Party to Pelé. Find the full collection here. [Posted by Eric. Spotted at NTMG]

The Walls of Portugal x MrDheo’s Street Art

With the World Cup approaching, renowned Porto-based artist MrDheo already has one eye on the tournament. With a history of adding vibrant colours and portraits of club and country footballing heroes to otherwise bleak streets, MrDheo has recently captured Cristiano Ronaldo in the form of goal-sized mural. He has also created a work for Falcao and even presented a piece on pitch at an FC Porto match.

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The Chosen Few x Ahmed Mounir

Football fans are known for the seemingly religious devotion with which they support their teams, but a recent a recent project by Egyptian graphic designer Ahmed Mounir takes that notion and runs with it. Selecting a number of the most prominent modern footballers, Mounir depicts them in a way that evokes classic religious symbolism, recalling the way in which Saints are often illustrated and revered. The collection is gorgeous, and was created in anticipation of next year’s Football Film Festival in Paris. Check out the rest of Ahmed’s work here[Posted by Maxi

France’s “Provoque le Destin” Typography by Alexis Taïeb 

Using spray cans, French artist Alexis Taïeb - Alexis (a.k.a Tyrsa) - handcrafted the type for France’s World Cup campaign and the launch of their new Nike kits.

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Predicting the future, one match at a time

Clairvoyants have been trying to predict the future with tarot cards for centuries, but this might be the first deck specifically created with football in mind. Want to know if your team will win a match? Curious as to whether your star striker can handle the pressure? Are you worried the Spirit of Pele might favor another team? If so, check out this deck created by Éramos Tantos Studio, a design firm based in Mexico City. 

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Reimagining the World Cup, by James Taylor

The World Cup is quickly approaching, with kick-off in Rio de Janerio less than one hundred days away. That said, there’s still plenty of time to remember and admire the past. In a poster series commemorating previous World Cups, Manhattan-based graphic designer, James Taylor, reimagined posters for each tournament, using era-specific design principles to illustrate the unique style of each World Cup. You can find the whole collection on Pennarello Design[Posted by Maxi

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