Through Ryu’s Lens: Madrid rises in Manchester

Hours after the man who led Chelsea to hoisting the Champions League was tossed out onto the streets in London, Roberto Mancini had the small task of saving Manchester City from crashing out of the Champions League trophy with a win against Real Madrid. The win never came, nor did it deserve to. Casillas may have conceded on a questionable penalty, but beyond that San Iker’s doors were slammed shut. And Ryu was pitchside with camera in hand, watching the drama all unravel.

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At long last, David Silva is coming to England

By Saf Hossain, writing from London

After flirtations with Chelsea and fallen-through moves to Liverpool (you know, back when they had money), David Silva will finally grace the Barclays Premier League in the 2010-11 season - he’ll be taking the number 21 jersey at Manchester City.

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