Xavi Hernández - The Mister / Señorío

It’s easy to forget the little things. Xavi may complete 100 passes every game, and while each one may not stand out exquisitely, there’s something to be said for the sum of its parts. That creation, that compilation cannot be captured by YouTube highlights. Part of the allure of Xavi’s sheer dominance in the midfield is the fact that his genius cannot be denied, but it can also hardly be compressed into a 4 minute YouTube video.

That being said, this video by Johan Giraldo has provided a fantastic rebuttal to my previous sentence. Like Xavi’s passes, it’s the little things that make this video so refreshing, like a selection of vintage footage, deft touches, shots that show his character on and off the pitch, and a distinct lack of dubstep. [Thanks to Sarah L for the sending this our way. Get Involved. Posted by Eric]

(Source: youtube.com)