The Science behind the adidas Nitrocharge

By Thomas Ang (@FootballNovel)

A new range of football boots called the Nitrocharge has been released by adidas, and its colours are already turning heads on pitches and television screens everywhere. But the bright yellow EnergySling (across the top of the shoe) and EnergyPulse (the zig-zig on the bottom) are there for more than just aesthetic purposes.

According to our secondary school physics and physical education lessons, these two key innovations should help match performance as advertised, and might even have benefits beyond.

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Cristiano x You x Mercurial Vapor IX?

You’ve seen Ronaldo rocking the boot. At the end of the day tomorrow, it can be yours. It’s been far too long, but we’ve teamed up with SoccerPro and they’ve given us a pair of the new Mercurial Vapor IXs. And they are sexy. Right, how do you enter to win these? Pick one of these three options.

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  3. Link to this post (via Twitter or Tumblr) and tell us all about the awesome things you’ll do with the Vapors. Include the #Mercurial hashtag for kicks. 

Boom. Simple. Now, get scoring. We’re off to do the Kidiaba. Don’t let Xavi catch you blinking[Posted by Eric. GIFs via CRS. Follow AFR.]

AFR x adidas x You. Designing Lionel Messi.

Leo Messi needs you (or your more artistic friend) to design his next pair of adidas football boots, which he’ll wear during a match in December. WAIT. Read that last sentence again to make sure we’re on the same page. You can create a unique pair of adidas adizero f50s (just like ours, above) for Messi by visiting the new "miadidas configurator" here and submitting a design with various colour schemes and personal touches.

But you don’t really want to hear us go on and on about this, do you? Alright, we’ll turn this over to our favourite #10. Messi said: “In football, you express yourself with your feet, which is why I like to feel like I have a connection to my adizero f50s. Knowing that your boots are unique makes you feel special and makes you play with more confidence. I’m excited to see the designs that my fans create for me on the miadidas configurator and I look forward to playing in them.” 

Want more info? Head to or @adidasfootball (use the #miadidas hashtag to join the conversation), or even ask us @afootballreport. These boots make their debut this weekend, and the likes of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and AC Milan’s Riccardo Montolivo will be hitting the pitch with their own customised boots. [posted by Dominic and Eric]

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