The world shows its support for Tito Vilanova

“What is important today isn’t important tomorrow. … Nothing is that important … nothing.”  - Tito Vilanova

On Wednesday the 19th of December, the news broke that FC Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova had suffered a relapse in the treatment that had until now seemed to have quenched the cancer within his parotid saliva gland. The Catalan coach will now take an extended leave of absence as he prepares for surgery and a hopeful speedy recovery. 

In light of such news, the famous Barcelona slogan ‘Més que un club’ has never seemed more appropriate as a flood of support for the young coach has come from friend and foe alike. 

FC Barcelona have also set up a specific page on their site, dedicated to the continued fantastic support shown from fans, players and clubs from all across the globe. #ànimsTito [Posted by Stefan, graphics via]