Group C: It’s EASY (England, Algeria, Slovenia, Yanks) isn’t it?

By Oli Davies, writing from England

With the footballing space on the internet dominated by Britain and America, this group is being intensely studied. But it shouldn’t be. I mean, really, it’s not all that interesting.

England have been given a group to cruise, and U.S.A. should get through given their progress in the Confederations Cup. I’d genuinely surprised if more than 10% of the people reading this article have made no plans as to how they will watch this group unfold. But why not just do it from the comfort of your computer screen, and why not do it right now. See, I can tell you how this group will unfold. It’s that predictable. England, all conquering qualifying crusaders, led by San Capello, will take this group at a canter, and no-one can stop us. I may not be the proudest England supporter ever to roam the Earth, but they are and always will be my country. With Rooney, one of the top 5 players in football, Lampard, possibly the most clinical club midfielder in the world, and a host of patriots, talents and adulterers in the team, who can argue with the fact that England will dominate this group totally?

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    How can he compare Algeria 1986 and Algeria now by saying “I don’t see much difference”. Was he even watching them back...
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